11 Ways To Make Your Parents Feel Special!

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Hey, peeps! Here I am, back again with a topic that is really close to my heart! Personally, I have always felt that parents are the most wonderful blessing a child could ever have. They always have your back, be it good or bad; you can do something really nasty and still approach them to fix it for you. Some parents happen to scold you before helping and some prefer doing it later, but at the end of it, you know that they are always there for you.

But you know what the sad part is? It is the fact that we often tend to forget all that they do or they have been doing for us!  Trust me, guys, they don’t ask for much but you can always make them glow in joy with certain simple gestures. Here’s presenting 11 ways that you can make it special for your parents:


At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.

 CALL THEM REGULARLY: How many of you are living away from your parents in Pg’s or with friends or maybe some even married? How many times do you happen to forget or get so busy in work that you don’t even give a simple “how are you?” call to your parents? All that your parents wait for is to listen from you once a day so that they know their child is safe and in good health. Is that worth your ignorance towards that one call? Even for the ones who are living with their parents and are out all long for work, make it a habit guys to call your parents to ask them “how are they doing?” Initially, they might be surprised, but it definitely will bring a smile on their face later.

2. BEFRIEND THEM: Our parents are the first friends that we have in our lives. Make it a friendly relationship with your folks. Discuss your day at work, ask them about theirs. Have a healthy talk daily to release all your tensions in front of them. Make your relationship a happy and a healthy one!

3. APOLOGIZE WHEN YOU STEP OUT OF LINE: Now, let’s be honest we say a few things (or a few more than that) that we aren’t supposed to, that are actually “out of line” and there is no doubt in that fact that most of the times we realize our mistakes. Then what is the harm in apologizing? At least I don’t see any. It’s our parents, they won’t let us down if we simply say “sorry” to them. Or the best way to do it, find out what your parents love and get them that thing as a sorry gesture. {Maa, Gol Gappas coming up! ;)} Oh man! How my mom loves that spicy paani puri! She melts every single time! :P

4. BE OBEDIENT: Never, like never say "no" to your parents. If they ask you to do something in a certain way that you might not like, instead of being repulsive, take some time to think about it. If you still think the same way talk to them about it in a polite tone. Just don’t hamper your decisions upon them. Make those decisions with them. Because there’s NO ONE who will give you an advice as genuine as them.

5. RESPECT THEM: “There’s only one way to get respect from someone, to give them that.” You can’t be talking to your parents the way you do to your friends. You have to be respectful towards them. Period!

6. GIVE THEM SPACE: Just like you need your space, so do your parents. Don’t cling to your parents like a tail. Let them go out just with each other’s company every once in a while. And just don’t keep on nagging into their matters.

7. TREAT THEM ON MOTHER’S AND FATHER’S DAY: and see how happy it makes them know that their children remember such small details about them. You don’t have to go all the way to book a restaurant (although that won’t be a bad idea) but small gestures like a cake party or simply wishing them at midnight. And if you are good at cooking to try baking that cake yourself or something they love to eat. ( I remember singing “Main Kabhi batlata nahin, Maa” for my mum on mother’s day last year and that actually brought tears to her eyes. I wonder how she would have felt if I cooked something for her.) Maa, Was it because of my bad singing skills? *scratching my head* {I hope not!} :P

8. GIFT THEM ON OCCASIONS: Now, who doesn’t like gifts? Everyone does. Even our parents. All our childhood we have been getting anything and everything that we wanted even before we asked for it. What was so special when your father got you that new bicycle, or the new game that you had been waiting for, or for that matter your new phone..? We don’t give them reasons to gift us things but they still do. Now the time is yours, go get something and gift it to them with a smile on your face and two words “thank you”. Sit back and look how happy they are! ^_^

9. HELP THEM IN HOUSE CHORES: Just because you got them that gift, you can’t let them do everything on their own. Even if you are too busy with your work and get only a weekend to relax, you can still go out with your mom for an hour or two to bring those monthly groceries from the market. Or cleaning up the house with them during the Diwali season. This way they’ll feel that you are responsible enough for things other than your office.

10. GO VISIT THEM: You may be living away from your parents and they hardly get to see you. You know how they wish that they could just look at you once and are free of all the tension. To know that their child is safe and in good health. Make regular visits to your parents and spend some time with them. Not only them, even you will feel happy and relaxed from within. 

11. REMEMBER THEIR BIRTHDAYS: Remember how your parents made every birthday party a grand success for you? Arranging everything from party poppers to balloons, cake, snacks, food, drinks, and what not. How would they get up early morning and start with those arrangements to make it the best, and for whom? For YOU! Yes, You! This time make it grand for your parents. Make them feel special the way they did for you! (Now that reminds me it’s my dad’s birthday in a week, I gotta go and think for something. K Bye!)

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Now, while I go and look for something for my dad, leave your comments below to let us know how you made it special for your parents! 

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