12 Ways To Beat Exam Stress (3rd & 4th being My Favorite)

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‘Exam time – fun time’, this is an old school preaching which we used to hear, right? But in a true sense, we all know it as pressure time, when you have to burn the candles at both the ends and especially when the question is about professional courses, whoa! We got trucks loaded with stress and pressure because we really can’t let that hard work and time go in vain!

Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy or Company’s Secretary are some of the commonly known professional degrees that a student pursues in commerce stream.

“I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth diminishing your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.” ? Steve Maraboli

Like it is said ‘With great power comes, great responsibility’ our ongoing creative minds have modified it to – ‘With a great degree, comes great pressure’ and THAT really explains our state of mind! Tough task, isn’t it?

Well, that is why we are here, to make it all easy. I cannot assure you that you will clear any level or entrance by following the pointers but I can really assure that it’ll be a smooth ride. You can’t afford to miss it! 

So this is how it goes:

1. Conceptual Study

Well, since it is a professional degree and we are professionals , we have to focus on the conceptual study because a high degree of proficiency is expected from us.

Moreover , from my experience, I would say that we can retain what we’ve actually understood and not what we’ve just hogged onto! And rather mugging up is practically not possible coz we have truck loads syllabus, so all it’ll do is confuse us in our last minute revision. Definitely, the conceptual study is mandatory to pass any examination (especially this one, obviously).

2. Discussing the topics with friends and teachers

Another way to deal with the stress is to have a cool chat with friends and teachers about the topics of your syllabus. This will really help you as it’ll clear your doubts and give you a glimpse of the level of competency and update you with what to study and what not. Moreover, talking with teachers will boost your confidence and you will get a brief idea as to how to go about the paper.

3. Quality time with family and friends

Usually what we do when exams are over our head, is being aloof from all the fun, outings and excursions but that is not what you should be doing. Keeping fun time at bay is equivalent to inviting stress. Small outings are stress relievers and taking a break of 10 to 15 mins while studying charges your body to study more effectively. You got to try it out!

 4. Smart study

Even if you’re putting in your 100% and are still not able to cope up, here’s the solution, my friend! Hard work means nothing without smart study. You should know what to study and what not and how much to study rather than dawdling on irrelevant topics. Rest you can just go through while concentrating more on important topics that will definitely fetch you marks. Smart study counts!

 5. Follow a fixed study plan honestly

I know it sounds tough but you ought to do this in order to pass such exams and if you follow a fixed plan from the very beginning, you will pass the exam with flying colors without facing the stressful phases. After all , you are going to become a professional, you ought to put in effort

6. Complete reading of the course

Even if your teacher tells you that a certain topic is irrelevant , the least you can do is just go through it once coz such exams are widely unpredictable. Also , you will at least be able to attempt that question if at all it appears in exams, to be on the safer side. We yearn for that one mark as it has the power to decide our fate!

7. Stay away from all negative thoughts

The major hurdle to this ladder is the fear of failure and if you overcome that, there is nothing like it. The fear of failure only pushes you down and limits your thinking ability. You definitely don’t want to be a victim of it. Stay away from negativity and negative people. Think positive and positive shall happen.

8. Flexible revision schedule

Going to give exams without revision? Whoa , you just cannot  take the risk, can you? For that you have to take out a good time for revision with handy notes which you can go through easily, quickly going through the syllabus. Revise for at least 3 times so that you get it all on your fingertips.

9. Previous exam papers

One thing that I didn’t even have to mention is , previous exam papers! You shouldn’t even be allowed to enter the exam  hall without going through previous year papers or what is well known as Scanner. Even if you are in no mood to solve the paper, you should at least go through it once just to know the pattern of the paper, it will save time in the exam hall and you will know exactly how to go about the paper and which ones to attempt first.

10. Take it lightly

It must be noted that exams are just a way to assess an individual and not the pointers to judge the intellect of the individual. They are a part and parcel of life and not our life. So failing it isn’t the end of the world. Take small breaks while studying and you will definitely clear it!

11. Focus on key points

In subjects like Tax and Law, relevancy is important, writing unnecessary things won’t fetch you marks so you have to be to the point by using those scoring key points and save that time to attempt questions with higher weightage. Write the key points to score maximum.

12. Avoid procrastinating

Some people have the habit to procrastinate when exams are over their heads (am I talking to myself?). That wasted time is worth billion dollars! If you are facing the same then you have to get rid of this habit as soon as possible and get back to work!

These are some advice that would hopefully help you. To motivate you further – ‘It is said that stubborn people are usually successful’ as they refuse to give up. So why not be stubborn and be successful rather than be worrying about the result and failing. That’s completely your call!

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