5 study habits to avoid while preparing for IIT-JEE!

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We tend to learn a lot from our parents. They are our living idols in this growing phase of our lives.There exist numerous habits that we acquire from them even without realizing! However, not all of our habits are gained from them. We first make our habits and then, our habits make us. So, it becomes important to realize that whatever we acquire from others is worthy enough and we must be sensible enough to avoid the bad ones. Easier said than done? Let’s just talk about IIT-JEE for now.

Needless to say, each and every JEE aspirant aims to see himself in the IITs few years down the lane. None would want to miss this chance just because of a few mistakes. While preparing for IIT-JEE, students acquire some habits which may be troublesome for them so we list below five habits to AVOID in order to ensure a smooth future for you all:

♦ Watching television and studying simultaneously

Do you think studying while watching television is a good idea? If you just said yes, you probably have an exceptional mind or you are so much into books that the world just disappears for you.

Don't study until you get it right. Study until you can't get it wrong

However, in general, it is quite a task to concentrate on studying while watching television. And especially when it comes to  Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, you need to study in a calm environment in order to understand the concepts. Doing both at the same time leads to just waste of time and futile efforts at studying. You are neither able to enjoy your television nor concentrate on your studies. So do one at a time.

♦ Overconfidence on memorizing power 


“Successful people are simply those with successful habits”-Brian Tracy.

Having a strong retention power is a good quality but solely relying on it is not a good habit. An IIT-JEE aspirant must keep a track of the important terms and points by preparing notes regularly. These would prove to be helpful during the chapter-wise Revision. JEE means not just cramming things but being clear with the concepts. This is where such notes help if prepared properly! Take revision at regular intervals of all what previously done so that it remains in your brain forever.

♦ Reading while lying on the bed

Studying while lying on your bed is like attaining sheer comfort and then trying to use your brain to prepare for something so very important. When the brain is at rest, it helps you to study properly. But the kind of rest obtained by lying on the bed is called “sleeping” and not “studying”.  The best way to study for an exam(IIT-JEE, to be precise) is to sit on a chair rather than lying on a bed. In a moment or so you will find yourself asleep with a book lying on your chest.

♦ Studying without an organized study plan

An organized study plan gives us direction and constantly motivates us to work more. It is not a hindrance but a smooth passage towards success. It helps you to make the best out of your time and resources! It helps you devote ample amount of time to each subject for revision, make use of the free time productively and most importantly, finish the IIT-JEE syllabus on time. What else do we need? If you have a plan to follow soon you will become accustomed to it. In this way, your study will fall into place and you will cover everything in time.

♦ Studying while Facebook (ing) and Whatsapp (ing)

If your mother asks you to do her work while you are on phone, remember how frustrated you get? And we think that we can study for JEE while we are on phone! Well, multitasking is a good option, but it is highly advised against while studying for IIT-JEE. Only STUDYING should matter while preparing for JEE because it is something that needs extra attention and an extremely focused mind. The constant ringing of the phone in the middle of your study is a distraction. Keep aside your phone while preparing for IIT -JEE

Include your break time in your IIT-JEE Study Planner to fulfill your desire to chat and be on the phone.

Other than the above habits, IIT JEE aspirants should also avoid the following things:

Compromising with naps: Take sleep if you feel sleepy but this does not give you the liberty to sleep every time. Proper naps are vital to keep you fresh.

Taking the JEE preparation casually: Do not develop Ho Jayega attitude. You have to do it at any cost is the attitude you should have in mind every time you sit for the preparations

Skipping meals: Follow regular diet. Take proper meals 3 times a  day. Eat small meals at intervals. Avoid junk food. It can make you fall sick

Avoiding punctilious tests

Counting on last minute preparation: Do not leave everything for the last minute. Just keep revision for last minute

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