6 books to be prepared by every IIT-JEE aspirant

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Here are few questions asked by every aspiring Engineer. The questions are: What is IIT- JEE?  IIT JEE is an annual undergraduate entrance exam known to be one of the world’s toughest entrance exams. It is used as the sole admission test by all the IITs. Aspiring engineers appear for this entrance exam. The second most important question is How can we prepare for IIT JEE? Preparing for IIT JEE needs exhaustive planning and dependable resources. Our peers play an important role in this task. Understanding of concepts helps the aspirant at each and every step. "Practice makes a man perfect" is a famous saying that stands true in the case of JEE preparation as well.  One needs a proper set of books to prepare from, in order to strengthen his knowledge of the concepts and theory.

There is no friend as loyal as a book - Ernest Hemingway

It helps to solve the problems easily. A casual approach to studies is what should be avoided by students during the preparation of these exams. Hard work is required on the part of each student.

So, the third question arises: Are there any good books that we should study from while preparing for the JEE?

For a good practice of the questions, Plancess Test Series is the best resource. However, there exists a wonderful collection of books that help to nourish your knowledge of the concepts. Below is a list of 6 books for IIT JEE that are comprehensive and help every aspirant to build his concepts and get a deeper understanding of each and every topic.

1 Concepts of Physics – HC Verma (Volume I & II)

An all-inclusive book containing the concepts of Physics from the very beginning, making it an infallible solution for secondary school students as well as those studying for their competitive examinations. Since learning basics make it easier to understand the concepts further, this book justifies this need as it is one of the most useful resources to learn the basics. It has concepts from the 0 level to help in brushing up concepts learned a long time back.

2 Physical Chemistry for Competitions– Dr. O.P Tondon

A noteful Chemistry textbook helping students who intend to appear for JEE and other competitive entrance exams. It is a compact and a concise book that is like a bible for every chemistry student. It is not just for JEE but for other engineering entrance examinations too.

3 Mathematics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Main) – Cengage

This book by Cengage publishing house conforms to the syllabus of JEE.It has a number of examples to make the process easier. It also has a set of unsolved questions to enhance your confidence level. It consists of previous years’ questions too. This helps in getting an idea about the pattern followed by JEE. Some of the study materials by this book house includes both academic & professional, library reference books and for competitive exams also.

4 Higher Algebra – Hall and Knight

This book by Hall and Knight is a complete guide for high school students.Knowing addition and subtraction is possible only when one knows the numbers and how to count. Likewise, you need to know some basic algebra before you decide to start up with this book. It consists of chapters on harmonic progression, scales of rotation, proportion, permutations and combinations, arithmetical and geometrical progression, partial fractions, determinants, and theory of numbers.

5 Numerical Chemistry – P Bahadur

A new pattern book for JEE and all engineering entrance examinations by Dr. P. Bahadur that contains a number of tricky examples and previous years’ solved questions too. It is a useful guide for students specializing in numerical chemistry. It is one of the most referred books for JEE. If you go through its concepts and solve the questions too, no one can stop you from attaining a wonderful rank in the JEE! smiley

6 The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Part I Cartesian Coordinates – SL Loney

The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Cartesian Coordinates & Plane Trigonometry are complete books for students pursuing advanced courses in Mathematics. Students are advised to refer this book if they are looking for advanced level training/guidance in Mathematics. It has a set of questions to solve and contains good text.

Students must first start their JEE preparation from the NCERT books and then should move to other JEE reference books. NCERT books will grill you in the basics. Solve each question of every chapter. When you have fully covered the NCERT book, now move on to the higher level and refer JEE reference books which cover more complex and tough questions. If you start only from the references book you will not be able to solve the tough problems in starting and this will low down your morale. The first step towards effective JEE preparations is the selecting of the right reference books to prepare for the exam. Buy books that cover the whole of the syllabus in accordance with the exam pattern and is updated to the current state. Always select a book which has a more varying range of questions and difficult one that test your ability and make you prepare for every possible type of questions.

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