9 Bootstrapping Marketing Strategies For Wannapreneurs

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Strategies For Bootstrap Startups, Wannapreneurs


‘Startups are the beginning of a Big Bang for India’

Researchers have found that not all start-ups end up being transformed into a leading company, only innovative ones with great ideas.

I firmly believe in the words of Dhirubhai Ambani, “Ideas are no one’s monopoly”.

Hello, Startup Founder! Do you have the next big idea to become a Wannapreneur??

Being newly founded does not in itself make a company a startup. Nor is it necessary for a startup to work on technology or take venture funding. Starting a business from scratch and building it up with minimum outside investment is what is called Bootstrapping.

ā€œIā€™m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.ā€ - Steve Jobs

How to grow a business without money? Bootstrapping your startup business can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. It is flexible and a good learning process being a sole proprietor. Because when you are a one-man show, you have to focus on the most important things to excel. Don’t feel trapped if you are bootstrapped. All you need is an excellent marketing strategy. To know your customer and then to viral your product is what is needed. Even if we are a startup there are few marketing principles we need to abide by:

  1. When there is no need, first you must create a need.
  2. After you have created the need, satisfy it. For instance, there is a Bald Man:

Firstly, make him buy a wig;

Secondly, to advance your sale sell him the comb that goes with the wig.

 If we talk about big brands like Adidas and Nike even they are fighting hard for seeking ‘our attention’ i.e., ‘the customers’. In the globalized and modern market today, it is not simple to make your startup at the top of everyone’s mind. Is it??

I believe that whenever we start anything new we do have that zeal and gusto within ourselves to make it reach to the people’s heart and soul at it’s earlier. However, what matters the most is to reach target customers.

The biggest benefit of bootstrapping is its efficient and inexpensive way to promote things. However, it is not that easy to run your business smoothly being bootstrapped. The limited cash flow can at times challenge your decision-making especially at the time of marketing.

Here I have jotted 9 best marketing strategies that can excel your bootstrapped startup.

1. Economic Workforce- Hiring Interns

This is something that is prevailing nowadays. Basically bootstrapped startups are adopting this major tactic. Hiring interns that are low-paid or unpaid. Interns for the sake of major learning are curious to join start-ups. Interning at a big company and on the contrary at a startup is quite different. Interns work like Superman. Startups can ask them any work to do with no time bounds which never happens at a big brand company. Therefore, hiring interns at all most no cost is beneficial.

2. Public Relations

Startups face a real challenge when it comes to maintaining public relations. To connect and to pitch more and more about yourself and your product is something that is needed. In a fast moving competitive world, it’s not that easy to stand out of the crowd and shine brightly. There has to be something different and distinguished. For instance, ‘Infographic’ telling people about your product and content visually that will create an obvious interest in people’s mind.

3. Content Development

Want to know how to grow my business online free then you need to know about the content. Content is the King. It should be compelling enough. It is evergreen because even if it is an old one it will surely generate traffic more and more.Content strategy is the best way for marketing although it needs to be consistent. Today marketing through content writing is more truthful rather than days when the truth was spun and manipulated. It is all about story-telling. Content development creates brand loyalty. Thus, it is one of the best ways to market and promote your product in an inexpensive way.

4. Website Development

The website of your company should be appealing. Because that is the first step that will attract the prospects that’ll turn being the final consumers of your product. Many start-ups even die at an early stage just because of the ugly websites they create. There should be a good designer for you. On your part being the startup founder you need to act as good product manager to assign them to work and ask for what is needed.

5. Social Media Campaigns

These words marked by Bill Gates are aptly said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. Rightly said to ignore online marketing is something especially start-ups cannot afford. A social media campaign is something that is the trend which is hot and even inexpensive. More and more follower means successful marketing done. To conclude, social media was a hit and will remain a hit. 

6 . E-Mail Campaigns

How to grow your online business fast? Although times have changed people have stopped e-mailing rather they prefer tweets, etc. But still, after globalization companies prefer documentation and reaching to the crowd through e-mails. E-mail marketing is a great way to interact with customers. From the adding of recipients’ name to writing of subject line everything matters. So be little smart and use email campaigns to promote and market your product.

7. Videos

Videos are something that is lucrative enough. They always stand out and shine brightly. It’s good to create a video at little cost to tell about your product. It really helps in promoting and marketing your brand in an entertaining way. But there needs to b a proper strategy to create good videos for marketing and to reach out to people.

8. Marketing Plan

Always make a marketing plan before laying down any business marketing strategy. We think that we are just starting up so we don’t need any market research and market penetration. But I would suggest that one needs to make a proper plan. Marketing plan won’t include only pure marketing principles and strategies rather it will also give us the detailed information about our consumers, what they want and even how to reach them. Thus, marketing plan plays a vital role.

9. Listing Prospects

Prospect means people who have neither turned into customers nor consumers. So to make a properly detailed list of prospect is very important. Hereafter it becomes easy to contact them, communicate with them and at the end of the day to sell our products to them. In short, it is a detailed information list of potential clients. This incurs no expense the interns hired can also do.

I believe startups can rock without investing much only if they follow above-mentioned points. It is a million dollar question that how to market my product inexpensively?? But, Marketing can be done even in a dwindled budget. All you need is an excellent strategy to put forth and you’ll easily run the show in n number of businesses, standing out loud.

If you check any "wannapreneur story", you would find all of them struggling to get funds or some teammates who are equally passionate to take the venture next level. With these steps in mind, you can be the next Wannapreneur and write your own wannapreneur story.

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