9 Moments Ruined By Smartphones

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So, we are with 9 moments which get ruined due to smartphones. We all enjoy smartphones but do we really enjoy it without any sacrifice. 

Let's know what we lose when we use smartphones!

1. Social Interactions- Sure these pretty little devils have connected us to the whole world out there but they have also affected our face to face interactions. What’s the fun of being on a date or a family dinner when each one of you is glued to your phone? Huh?


“Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else’s.”

 Self-Dependance/ Reliability- Our mistakes are no more there to guide us, thanks to our very own smartphone. Well, these gadgets can perform anything and everything from arithmetic calculations to planning a trip, from fixing our typos to waking us up in the morning.

3. Privacy- Have you been posting about the new haircut you just got or a check-in to the new restaurant, or maybe your new job? Then why do I see you cribbing about people invading your privacy? You gave them the reason yourself. And let’s be honest, long weekend getaways have become riskier because you can’t really “get away” when your boss knows where you just checked in.

4. Living The Moment- “Look, such an awesome view at the beach!” “Oh yeah, I just captured it in my smartphone”. But did you notice the Rainbow over your head? Did you even enjoy the view? Did you see any of it? I bet hardly any. Right?

5. Your Free Time- You know there was this time when people went out for walks, read books, enjoyed nature, and also learned new productive things when they had free time? And now, we are almost always glued to our smartphones, be it the free time or even while working. I mean, is running in a virtual temple worth a 1km actual run? I doubt that!

6. Spontaneous Plans- When did the last time you dropped on to surprise your loved ones without them knowing? No text, no call, no nothing. Just rang their doorbell and there you were with a Pizza box in your hand. Trust me; these could be the best moments of your life, especially when you watch a movie together with that Pizza in your hand. Ummm. Yummm!

7. Carefreeness- Damn! Did someone just tap on my pocket? Oh God! My phone. Is it there? Is it safe? I mean seriously, your phone being safe is more important that you being safe? Is it? Uh. Okay *rolls her eyes* and by the way, stop thinking about stepping out in that beautiful rainy weather. Come on! It’s your phone, after all!

8. Wrecking Relationships- Did you notice that your child just described how awesome his first day at school was? No? Oh Okay! You must be very busy with something “really” important. Han?  That’s totallyyyyy fine!

9. Work Environment- Ever been under the gun for leaking confidential information? No, Right? And I am pretty sure you never want to be in such a situation. Well, as a matter of fact, there have been people for whom using their phones for a selfie while working cost them their job. Pay attention to your work! Selfies won’t sign the salary cheque at the end of this month!e

Make a Choice today, You want to capture those moments in your mind for life or in that smartphone? 

Leave your comments below and let me know what did you choose!

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