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Looking Pretty is a dream of every woman. Why woman only. Everyone wants to look good and pretty be it, boys or girls.

Everyone loves hearing compliments about how beautiful they are. Beauty is admired by all.

People say Uski Ladki Khoobsoorat Hai. This makes you feel happy and your parents too.

We all try to look beautiful. From home remedies to beauty parlors. Trying all the news looks just to look Beautiful.

You can now make a career in this field. Not many know as the career counselling platforms rarely tell you about Beautician as a career.

It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together

Do you instantly make hairstyles just looking by the tutorials? Do you try different makeup techniques and have the craft for that perfect blend and makeup? Do you like styling?

Above All, if you love doing all these on others and not just yourself, You can be a Beautician.

You are cut out for the career in Beautician.

The popular phrase of Shakespeare “ Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder” is true. cool

But we all strive to look beautiful and Beauticians help us and make us look beautiful.

So if you want to make someone beautiful, become a Beautician.

What is Beauty?

Beauty is the combination of features, shape, a color that pleases the Aesthetic senses. Opposite Gender is attracted to each other because of this Beauty.

Who is a Beautician?

The person involved in the process of giving beauty treatment to people. Beautician provides personal care services. They beautify you.

How to choose a career in  Beautician

Schooling is important. It is advisable to first finish your high school and then take up a beauty course. To be a beautician you could do schooling on any subject. There is no restriction as in the case of other professions like if you want to be a Doctor you strictly need to have Science as a stream.

Choose any stream like Science, Commerce, and Humanities

Secure at least minimum 50% aggregate. Strive for a good percentage.

Do your schooling from CBSE or ICSE board.

Beautician is a broad field. It encompasses specializations. The specialization in esthetics and cosmetology is common.  You will get to know about this in the latter section

Top Colleges to Study Beautician Course

International Beauty Academy

VLCC Institute Of Beauty and Nutrition

Pearl Academy

Process to be followed

Get Admission in one of the colleges mentioned above or the list of colleges you have searched offering the course of Beautician, personal grooming. The name of the courses can be different. Under this broad field, choose esthetics as a specific field.

The course in Esthetics can be a diploma or a three-year course, unlike any other course you do. Esthetics focus on skin care. The field is growing quickly as people have become more aware of the care that skin requires. Esthetics involve beautifying the skin in a number of ways. You get training in facials, skin care products, use, and application. Makeup, Nutrition. Use of electronic products in skin treatment and care. You could also work as a Dermatologist.( A dermatologist is a professional who determines skin disorder and treats them.)   So you obtain a certificate as an Esthetician after completing the course.

You work in different areas under the umbrella of Esthetician. Such as Dermatologist in a medical setting, a beautician in a salon, parlors or institutes of a beautician.

Skills required as an Esthetician

Good customer service

Active listener and catering to client needs

Comfortable in using your hands for services in facial.

Esthetician themselves need to be well groomed and should be comfortable working with clients. Determine the client needs accurately and give proper treatment.

The next specialization is Cosmetologist. Cosmetologist includes everything from beauty to health care. It covers the overall aspect of the beauty. Using of techniques and equipment combined with the knowledge to enhance face, hair, and body.

You need to obtain a certificate in Cosmetology. You can choose this specific career by getting admission in the above-mentioned colleges. The course includes theory and clinical work. The theory covers topic like shampooing, salon business and clinical training give you practical training where you work on clients and learn cutting, styling, coloring etc.

Topics covered in cosmetologist:

Manicure and Pedicure


Chemical processes

Scalp treatment

Associate Degree in Cosmetology

Beauticians can pursue a degree in cosmetology through a variety of skills. You are awarded the degree of  Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or Associate of Arts (AA) degree in cosmetology.

Topics covered includes

Salon Operations

Cosmetology Design

Research and reporting

Career Options:

As an Esthetician

Make- up artist - They are professionals in doing makeup. There is various kind of makeup like airbrush, 3D makeup, natural etc. Makeup is done according to the skin type and the occasion.

Facial Expert - The treatment of beautifying the skin through facial. The facial is done according to the problem that you want to cure ( pimples, blemishes, dryness etc ), skin type etc.

⇒ Dermatologist Assistant -  Work as a medical profession. They assist you with skin problems like rashes, skin allergies etc.

As a Cosmetologist

⇒ Stylist- They work as a hair stylist. Professional not only in hair cutting but also in shampooing, rebonding etc.

⇒ Nail artist - They are expert in Manicure and pedicure, cleaning and shaping them. Nail art is in trend. It involves beautifying your nails using nail paints and accessories.

⇒ Colorist - They give services such as coloring of the hair. The coloring is done by knowing the texture of the hair, product to be used etc.

Not everyone can afford these courses or study at this scale. Everyone has their own requirement nest. You can also work as a beautician at small scale.

The process

♦Enroll yourself in a beautician diploma course offered by various schools, centers etc. after completing the diploma course you can work in a parlor in your locality. This is known as apprenticeship where you are given practical training. You work with clients. You learn from the parlor owner etc. Side by side you could take up small courses in hairstyling from Habib, Diploma in advanced makeup techniques. You can also learn from youtube tutorials and after the experience of 3-4 years, you can open your own parlor.


Salary depends more on the experience than the qualification. If you have more industry experience you can demand more. You can more if you have your own parlor. The salary varies from place to place. But you can expect as the salary of Rs.3000- Rs.10000

The career as a beautician is fast growing because people are becoming more aware of the skin problems and the need to keep themselves beautiful. People have started going to the parlors in large numbers as compared to earlier because of the more specialized techniques, treatments, and enhanced customer care services to keep you young and beautiful.

It is a good career choice if you really enjoying all these work. You can be a great beautician.

Keep Calm You Are a Beautician. smiley

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