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Do you feel the pain inside your heart watching others in pain? Do you wish to change this world and alleviate the sufferings? Do you want to bring smiles to the faces of underprivileged children, work for humanity? Does serving others give you content that no other materialistic good can ever give you. If the answer is YES to all the above questions. Then let me tell you. You are cut out for the job of a Social Worker.

Career Counselling Platform will tell you about this as a career option.Seek career guidance on this topic. Well serving the society for the benefit of mankind should not be done at the cost of profit but at the cost of sensitivity to the matter. You can be a Social Worker and take this as a career. Donate your full time to the service of the needy.

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try. - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Through proper education, work in this field, career planning,  make progress and make the world a better place to live.
What is a social activity?

Social Activity is a kind of activity that benefits the society. An activity that is just in nature and involves working for the society as a whole. Developing the society and attempting to free it from all the bad causes.

Who is a Social Worker?

Social Worker Is a person who works to bring a social change in the society. They fight for the rights of the people. A person completely into problem-solving and making lives of others better. They seek to bring a positive change in the life of the people. We have workers working for the Gay rights. Workers fighting for acid attack survivors etc.

How to become a Social Worker?

Becoming a social worker is not at all a rocket science. Many people feel that some social causes are close to their heart but only few work for those causes. You are capable of becoming a social worker only if you feel the urge to work for the society. If you have that fire within that burns seeing the wrong in the society and want to change the situation.

Were you among the millions who went on a candle march when Nirbhaya Incident happen? Kya Aap Bhi Koi Acha Kaam karna chahte Hai, Society ke liye Kuch Karna Chahte Hai?

Well, I believe we all should do something for the society in our capacities. Here is the roadmap to becoming a social worker.




BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) is the course you need to pursue becoming a social worker.

Eligibility for BSW

♦ Done 10 +12 from recognized body

♦ Students with background in psychology, sociology, social work with getting preference over other students

♦ Some institutes conduct written test followed by personal interview for admission

Top Colleges for Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

♦ Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)

♦ Madras School of Social Work

♦ College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan

♦ Amity Institute of NGO Management

♦ Jamia Millia Islamia

BSW is a three-year undergraduate program. It is a full-time course as well as can be done through distant learning. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University ) is the leading university providing BSW. It is also referred to B.A (SW) Bachelor Of Arts in Social Work. This course makes you a social worker and you can help the homeless, people living in abject poverty, people fighting AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). You start working for a noble cause. For more clarity on this area and subject, career opportunities you can consult a career counselling platform,

Subjects  of BSW

♦ Introduction to Social Work

♦ Social Problems in India

♦ Social Case studies

♦ Research work and Statics in Social work

♦ Social work administration.

Steps to becoming a social worker

♦ Enroll yourself in the BSW course in the colleges/ institutes providing this course. Some of the top colleges are mentioned above. Rest you can find. Get detailed information about the eligibility to pursue this course, fee structure and lastly get admission into the college

♦ It is a three-year program. You can do it on regular basis or part-time. Whichever mode you choose according to your convenience. Just put your best foot forward. Learn everything thoroughly in these three years

♦  After the undergraduate program, you can enroll yourself in the master program if you wish to carry forward your studies. Advance studies are MSW( Master of Social work) or M.A (SW) Master of Arts in Social Work.

♦ Join an organization or NGO (Non-governmental organization) working towards the cause you care for and wish to work.  Organizations such as SOUL, Leaders for tomorrow, PETA etc.

♦ Become a member of this organization and volunteer for your services time to time. Travel across the places to offer your service to the people in need. Become an active member of it and play a crucial role.

♦ These organizations are mostly charitable. They require funds. Donate to the organization you are working for or other organizations who are in need for the donations. Arrange for the donations.

♦ Reach out to your friends and family. Build a network and use them to propagate about the social cause you are working for, the organizations. Ask them to be a part of it or give you donations. In this was circle will get bigger and better

♦ Publicize your organization on social media. The best way to make people aware and to connect them to the organization. Make a page of the organization, organize events and create events on social media

♦ Keep in touch with the latest developments and news about the cause you are working be it AIDS, Poverty. This will keep you updated and a chance to revise policies and make changes in your workings.

♦ Attend seminars, workshops on social issues conducted by various groups or foreign groups. Come out openly to support your cause. Educate yourself about the cause and educate other people as well.

Qualities of a social worker

♦ Ability to listen carefully, understand their problems and work towards it

♦ Communicate effectively and work with coordination with multiple partners

♦ Work delicately and assess own performance and work towards the ineffective areas.

Employment areas:

♦ NGOs

♦ Organizations

♦ Old age homes

♦ Human Rights Agencies

♦ Hospitals

♦ MNCs

Job Profiles

♦ Researcher


♦ Social worker

♦ Labor welfare specialist

♦ Teacher

The number of employment areas and job profiles are large in numbers and varying. It depends on the cause and organization you are working for and with. Please browse well. Social workers work directly with individuals, families, and groups. They help them cope up with problems such as education, addiction, poverty etc. They improve their lives by the efforts.

It is same as curing. As doctor cures your wounds, social workers cure your problems. They try to bring a change for your good. Vidya Balan used to work for the old age home in the movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai. she also fought for their rights. An example of a social worker. Kisi Ka Bhala Karoge To Dua Milegi. If not as a career trying to work for a social cause because of humanity. Insaniyat bhi koi cheez hoti hai is the popular saying. You all must have heard

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