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Order ! Order! Order! You all must have heard these words. But Where? Guess?

Yes, these words are heard in a Courtroom. A man dressed in white shirt and black coat use these words. As these words are heard silence prevails in the courtroom. This is the effect. This black coat is something powerful. One who wears it becomes powerful and the rest are bound to follow them. The powerful is known as a Judge.

Connect with Career Counselling Platforms to know about career opportunities in this line. Ye Kaala Coat Kanoon Hai. Ye wakil Kanoon ke Rakhwale hai. All sort of lines is associated with Judge, Advocates. The role of a judge is prominent in Hindi Movies.

Don't raise your voice, Improve your argument

You all must have seen the movie Jolly LLB. It's all about Judge and the courtroom. Everyone loves the uniform of a Judge. Black and White. But do you love Justice? Do you think Justice must prevail in every situation? Can you stand up and fight for injustice. Do you have the eye for the truth? Before pursuing a career as a judge. Think about these questions. The love for the uniform is not the only factor that makes you a judge. Being a judge makes you consider several other factors that are more important.

So spent some time here and know about how to choose a career as a Judge. Career guidance and proper career planning will help you make a decision whether you can become a Judge or Not.


Make Crime Pay, Become a Lawyer.


What is Law?

Law is a system of rules which a country recognizes as a means of regulating the actions of its members. Law is a profession undertaken so that people follow rules and regulations and abstain from criminal activities.

Who is a lawyer?

A person who practices the profession of Law as an Advocate or Barrister

Who is a Judge?

 A public officer appointed to decides the cases. The final decision rests with the judge. If he says Yes it is a yes If he says No it is a no. According to the Cambridge dictionary: A judge is a person in charge of a trial in a court and decides a how a person found guilty should be punished. I think everyone is clear with the basic terms associated with the law. Therefore, we now move forward on the process how can we become a Judge.

How to become a Lawyer, Advocate?

Lawyer, Advocate is a post that is allotted to a person who has study law. So first study Law, then become a Lawyer.

For studying Law, Eligibility required

♦ A student must be from a stream of Commerce or Humanities

♦ Clear high school from recognized authority

♦ Secure minimum aggregate required.

In order to get admission into a law course, an entrance exam has to be given. The entrance exam for law varies from university to university. Like. IPU conducts an exam called CET for law aspirants, 17 National Universities accept CLAT score,  Some universities accept LSAT score. Therefore the choice of examination rests on the university you wish to study. Read more about this.

Once you clear the exam on the basis of rank secured you get admission into a law college.

Top Colleges of Law

♦ Indian Law Institute

♦ National Law University

♦ Vivekananda Institute Of Professional Studies

♦ The University Of Law and Legal Studies

An integrated undergraduate degree like B.A. LLB is a 5-year course and Bachelor of Law (LLB) is a 3-year course. During the course, you study theoretical subjects but are also given training in projects like Moot Court Session, debates etc. You are also required to undertake training under an advocate or anyone in Law.

How to become an Advocate or a Lawyer.

♦ Take admission into a Law course by clearing the entrance exam like CLAT ( Common Law Admission Test) and various test conducted by different universities mentioned above.

♦ Undergo the 3-year or 5-year study as chosen by you at the college and plus all the projects, exams as per the curriculum.

♦ Take internship programs as specified by the institution. It is mandatory

♦ The last step is to enroll yourself with State Bar Council regulated by the Advocate Act of 1961. After the process of registration with State Bar Council, You need to clear the exam All India Bar Examination (AIBE). After clearance, you get a certificate for practice.

♦ You only become an Advocate if you clear the AIBE exam otherwise after completing LLB you are qualified as a lawyer only.

How to become a Judge

Judge is the top rank and the respected one in the judicial services. Judges are impartial- decision makers and they rule according to the law. The terms ‘ Judge’ and Magistrate are often used interchangeably but have differences. A judge has more powers than a Magistrate. A judge presides over court proceedings. A judge holds more administrative powers. On the other hand, Magistrate is the officer of the state and handles smaller and minor cases.

Process of becoming the judge

♦ You need to pursue the study of law for 5-years under a law institution/ college. You also need to undergo the internship training and obtain a certificate of practice from State Bar Council (SBC). In addition to this, you must also do the following.

♦ To become a Judge you need to qualify Judicial Service Examination conducted annually by public Service Commission of respective states. You can appear for this exam only if you have a law degree and you have enrolled yourself as an advocate with SBC.

♦ The Judicial Service Examination is held in two parts. Judicial Service Preliminary Examination and Judicial Service Main Examination. There is a viva also. You need to obtain a minimum of 50% aggregate to be declared as cleared. For details, visit PSC website of respective states.

Appointment of Judges

The judges are appointed by the three-tier judicial system The Supreme Court, The High Court and the Subordinate Court.

Supreme Court

The apex institution of the judicial forum and final court of appeal under the Constitution of India. The Supreme Court Of India has Chief Justice Of India and 30 Judges appointed by President Of India.


♦ Citizen of India

♦ Must be a judge  of high court for at least five years or two or more courts in succession

♦ An advocate of High Court or two or more courts in succession for 10 years

♦ Distinguished Jurist in the eye of the president.

♦ The judge holds office till the age of 65.

High Court

The Judges of High Court are selected by the President of India in consultation with Chief Justice of India, Governor Of State and Chief Justice Of High Court.


♦ Must have held judicial office for 10 years in India or has a practice of 10 years as an advocate or two or more courts in succession

♦ They hold office till the age of 62 years.


The salaries of Judges keep revising from time to time. The Judges of Supreme Court and High court receives the highest salary. This is how you become a judge. For more please visit online and check the procedure.

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