My Bitter Experience Of Education

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My Bitter Experience Of Education


Where do I start? Hello everyone, I am working as a software engineer in a wonderful organization. Well! you are right that said, a wonderful organization. I won't name people, places in this blog and you will realize very soon. My upbringing happened in a traditional middle-class family. I was sent to private school, then private education institutions for higher studies. Yes, you hear it right from the inside, the expensive education.

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I clearly remember my seventh standard. How I and few other students were grouped together with a 'Weak students' nomenclature. I suppose this was the so-called strategy of my then class teacher, who somewhere assumed in her fairy world that this would improve us.

But on the contrary part, this always made us feel somewhere that only the 'Intelligent students' deserve to succeed, sparkle like a star. Things started worsening as I further lost the grip over my studies. I failed in my eighth standard. So, we had been called for the assembly on the playground. All the students who had failed were asked to make a separate queue. To our surprise, we were facing some severe humiliation in front of those students who had passed this standard. They all looked cheered up while we were being informed about our new eighth standard section. It was a section 'F'. laugh (HaHa), we all know what they meant. Had your laugh?

Let's move forward.

As I had failed, I was scared from my grandfather.  He was the strictest person at my home then. To my surprise, he motivated me and asked me to not feel disheartened. What my teachers couldn't do, my Grandpa did. Gradually my grades started improving over time. In my tenth standard's mathematics board exam, I had scored 100% marks. Yes, hear my right. This is where I realized my love about Mathematics and I knew I'll be making a career in this stream. In my eleventh standard, I had multiple options to choose from like Science, commerce, Arts. I changed my school in a quest to get Non-Medical Science. Well, there was no such passion, I just wanted to pursue engineering because I had heard engineers are well respected in society. Then I was introduced with entirely new, I must say renovated Mathematics. I already never personally liked chemistry.  On the other hand, calculus and integration turned up into nightmares for me. I started losing my love for Math..  

My mathematics teacher in school was a nice guy but had a deficit of teaching capabilities. This is the problem with some teachers, though they are knowledgeable but they aren't good at sharing the knowledge with others. I somehow managed to clear my twelfth standard board examinations with just average grades. But I knew that in my country I'll easily get admission in some private engineering institution. Huh, all it brought were financial troubles for my parents. But they paid it just to fulfill my desires. Again, it had to do nothing with my passion, I was going for engineering because it was the mainstream then. I had taken up mechanical engineering at first (3 Idiots movie effect). It was my first day at university. I was surprised with one major concern of mine. No, it wasn't for studies. Man, where are the girls? Ha-ha, so it was true. The very next day I requested them to change my stream to Computer Science. Now you very well know why computer science, isn't it? Next year I changed my university and took admission in a deemed university. As I had expected it to be better from my future placement concern. Soon I did realize that all these private institutions are same. They all care more about making money than making engineers. So, the final year of my graduation had arrived. I didn't like Mathematics ( the base of engineering ). To add up to my pity situation were my poor communication skills. I was very confident that I won't be placed in any of the companies visiting our campus. The most unfortunate part about my graduation days was that still, I didn't feel passionate about engineering. Did all the teachers fail me or did I fail them? Well, this is the problem with so-called private engineering institutions in India. Sad that they have the right to play with careers of so many aspiring engineers. There's a reason why most of the good companies opt for tier one engineering institutions.

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But to my surprise, God had a twist waiting for me luckily. What was that?

I was informed by one of my friends that Times of India is running one good CSR initiative 'Teach India'. That it would eventually help me in building my personality and communication skills. I joined this initiative without thinking twice as there used to be hardly any lectures happening in the college. I took 8 days training in their premises. Where they trained me how to teach Spoken English to underprivileged youth of the society. Meaningless to say the trainers present there were the best teachers of my life. I then took a batch of around 20 students for around 3 months. Most of these students got good jobs and eventually a better-living standard. It was a both side learning. I felt so confident after taking this batch. Even my communication skills had improved a lot. Well, they were at least enough to crack HR rounds. I always wondered why I never had such teachers? Yes, a teacher just like the one I had turned into. I never believed in scolding students, humiliating them or insulting them when they didn't perform in the class. There were some fantastic techniques which were taught by British Council trainers to handle students in a more constructive way. Times of India and British Council run 'Teach India' initiative in collaboration. I do suggest all the troubled teachers join this training. Well though I was good in English, I still lagged a lot in the technical area of mine. I did get a job in a small company but it was more of a supporting role than innovating or developing anything new. I got bored with this monotonous life within months. At this point of time, I had hated Mathematics. I decided to quit my job and started preparing for the entrance examination. It was meant for higher studies in India. I took coaching for the same. Though I couldn't perform well in the entrance examination, I did learn a lot during these coaching days. I learned more than my 4 years of b-tech in these months of coaching. This is where the best of teachers are hiding. They taught me most of the engineering subjects with a wider practical perspective. Even my love for Mathematics returned. Soon after my coaching, I started giving interviews.

Magically I cracked many interviews. Now I became more aware of my stream. I started thinking about things in a more innovative and creative way. I easily outperformed many of my counterparts sitting in the interviews. Adding up to my good fortune a  nice software company offered me the role of a software engineer. This is the place I had mentioned in the starting of this blog. Well, I have loved every moment here in this organization. Every morning I feel very passionate about what problem I'll be solving today. I realized being engineers how much could we contribute to the society by solving so many prevailing problems in the society.

I wish If I had got so good mentors, teachers in my graduation days I would have got this start much before. Anyways today I utilize my weekends too by guiding the youth in my neighborhood.  At times solving mathematics problems with them.  Sharing with them what they are studying today makes so much sense later at our work. Pause!!!! Let me bring you back from the roller coaster ride. I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Our government needs to understand how important it is to monitor these educational institutions. And so, shall we will have people working in our country from all over the world. Thus, making our economy stronger. Why should we appreciate our talents like Satya Nadella or Sundar Pichai residing overseas? We need next Indian Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill gates within our country rather than overseas. We would innovate here and we would sell there. Doesn't that sound better?

We are more than Cricket and Bollywood. That all said, let's wrap up this blog from here. I hope there did happen some learning from my story. I thank Edu4Sure for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. And finally, guys and girls especially the younger ones chase your dreams with full passion. If you haven't found any reason behind your why you are in the same position like I used to be, you need to introspect. We need to support initiatives like Edu4Sure, Teach India, etc. That is how we can empower our other Indian brothers and sisters.

One of the most important thing in someone life is "Career" and we are fortunate to have enough career counselling platforms but it is hard to have a better career counselling platform where we can get enough information. However, some career counselors can help you too. So always try to reach those career counselors and have a better idea about the career choices.

I believe my contribution to My Career My Experience Initiative by Edu4Sure would surely help many. I am glad to participate in this initiative and encourage you guys to check this initiative and help the society. 

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