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Why should someone write as a professional blogger and not just as a hobby blogger? This is one of most common questions every blogger will be asked. And the same is true for you if you are a blogger who makes money from your blog. To understand this, you need to understand, what differentiates your hobby blog from a professional blog. You need to learn the most fundamental and crucial aspects of professional blogging, which could change the way you look at your blog, forever. Become a professional blogger by taking up digital marketing classes in Noida.

 A hobby blogger is someone to writes about multiple subjects, someone who writes about anything and everything. The need not follow any set of rules and there will not be any topic limitations on such a blog.

A hobby blogger is someone to writes about multiple subjects, someone who writes about anything and everything.

This is the best way to jump into the field of blogging. Hobby blogging is that which comes out of the passion of the blogger.

Most of the hobby bloggers, start a site to share their thoughts, ideas, philosophies or simply to rant about various issues. Rarely, we find a hobby blogger worrying about matters related to subjects like optimal site design or any design aspects. What matters the most for a hobby blogger, is how many people are reading their blog or the number of visits they are getting. Learn ways to get more traffic on your blogs through online courses with certificates.

We all are humans and we tend to make mistakes. Same is in the case of blogging. Blogging needs a deep dedication. Many decisions have to be made. Some of our decisions may be right, but some can be wrong. No matter how much we learn from mistakes, we do some mistakes again and again. Sometimes we need to pay a lot, at the cost of our mistakes. There are some mistakes often made by the hobby bloggers. They are:-

1. Selection of great domain name: This is the first and very common mistake. If you choose a free domain for naming the blog, it is the first biggest mistake, as free domain usually don’t get exposure, no matter how hard you work on those. Having your own custom domain shows professionalism and also it is easy to remember and easy to rank. It is also easy to make a brand of a custom domain.

2. Blog layout design: The second main thing is the blog design. Whenever anyone visits your site, the thing they first notice is your blog design. Your blog’s design is the first impression that a visitor finds. New bloggers do mistake by having a fancy theme with lots of widgets. This doesn't look professional and those unnecessary widgets slow down your blog.

3. Copying content: Writing articles is definitely a tedious job. It is easier to copy someone’s blogged content and paste it on your blog. But the result is totally different. Sites with copied content get marked as spam and get banned. So always write your own articles. If you do not have the knowledge about any topic, then read. There is plenty of information on the internet. But write everything in your own words.

There are millions of blogs online, so there is a lot of competition. To attract a huge number of readers, your blog must stand out of the crowd. Avoiding these mistakes help your blog to be attractive to the readers.

professional blog may not be better than a hobby blog. It is often a mistake to think that every blog generates ten to thousands of dollars in income for it to be succeeded. You can be a professional blogger if:-                                                

1. You treat your work with respect and care. That means you don’t sell yourself as a blogger. For the readers to respect your blog, they should feel that you respect your blog too.

2. You see every tweet you send and the comment you leave, as your digital footprint. Respond to the comments with tact and thought. Speak with good consciousness. Remember that every message you send is a representation of your work. Ask yourself before sharing the message.

3. You’ve received some form of compensation for blogging.

4. You’ve received press releases, product samples or have been invited to brand-hosted events.

5. You’ve said no to review items, money or opportunities because you recognize it to be unfit. As your site grows, you will receive more and more pitches.More often, there will be offers that don’t match your site.Just say no to them.

6. You spend as much time interacting with your community as you do writing content. Although the content is the backbone, the community is the one that makes break blogger.Your community is the one, which keeps your site thriving. As a professional blogger, you should recognize the voice of the community, that add to your site.

The reason why one should be a professional blogger is that you can be original, fearless, adaptable, stay with patience and finally a boss. These are the five tips one needs to follow, in order to go from a hobby blogger to a professional blogger.

1. Be a Boss:

Remember this is a business and you have to make business decisions. Take the blogging as personal component out of it. You have to learn a lot of things that you didn’t want to do that are not fun but will move your business to the next level.

2. Be Patient:

The first year of your blog is terrible and boring. It takes the time to discover your voice and what you are all about. Once you figure this out then you have to decide, what is the value and when you are ready to monetize their sites. Being patient and running a side business is a good way to balance the transition. Some other work will help keep you from making all the wrong decisions and taking on projects that devalue your blog.

3. Be adaptable:

Things change in blogging and you need to be prepared for this. In the past, man bloggers used SEO marketing selling links on their site, until Google stopped them all in their tracks. The bloggers who relied on this to make money noted its disappearance in a flash. Think about how you need to diversify your income strategies for your business. Have a business plan for your blog and find the different ways in which your blog can make money. If things don’t work out, then try to do something else.

4Be fearless:

Being an entrepreneur is scary, there is a lot of risks and you often don’t know how you are going to make money. You can’t act if you are afraid. Don’t be afraid to say no to things that don’t feel right for you. Working for free or very little money can actually discourage you or just burn you out. However, it is better to be professional about when you do say no, because you may be able to remake that relationship in the future. Just because they can’t afford you now, that doesn’t mean they won’t have another opportunity in the future.

5Be original:

You don’t have to provide everything for everyone. Write about what you like and what matters to you more. It is scary to narrow down your niche, but at some point, you have to make a decision, about what your site is about.

The reason why one should be a professional blogger is that they will have respect towards the work they do. Even if one starts as a hobby blogger, he or she definitely ends as a professional blogger.

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