Champion in Education - Girls or Boys ?

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Education is every child’s birthright. Education empowers you, make you self-independent and helps you lead a knowledgeable and informative life. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, and beliefs.

This birthright is available to only a few lucky ones.

Education is the finest power of Empowerment and we can not deny anyone to gain it.

And those few lucky ones are the males. There is gender inequality when it comes to education. Males are given the opportunity and the right to study and educated because they are assumed to earn a living while they grow up. Girls are denied the right to education as they are meant to stay at home and look after the house and the children once they grow up. You all must have heard these popular phrases maybe at your homes or by someone else. LADKIYAAN PADH KE KYAKARENGI, UNHE TOH CHULLAH HI SAMBHALANA HAI. LADKIYAAN PADH JAAYE TOH UDNE LAGTI HAI.sad There are various stories and notions that one comes across as why not to educate the girls.

The statics also shows the disparity between girls and boys when education comes into the picture.

♦ The literacy ratio of India is 65.38% whereas the male literacy ratio is 75.85% and female literacy ratio is 54.16%. You can very well note the difference. Although the trend has changed especially in urban areas. Girls are being educated and they are sent to schools and to obtain the higher degrees. Today girls rule the corporate world, fashion world, and even the political world. They are seen in every major area standing strong and giving a strong competition to the boys.

♦ There are few examples like Ms.Pratibha Patil, president of the India. Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico, Barkha Dutt and much more. But the scenario is far from satisfactory. There is still widespread illiteracy among the girls in the rural areas. Girls, in rural areas, are not sent to school, even if they are, they are made to drop after the primary education. Girls are not sent for higher education and many more disparities in the education sector when it comes to Girls.

♦ Despite all the inequalities, hardships and lack of opportunities given to the girls in the education sector. They shine like a bright star every time they are given opportunity. Girls excel in every front and make their parents proud. They stand shoulder to shoulder with the males or I must say they are ahead of males in every field.

♦ Girls are smarter than the boys across the world. The finding reflected in a study by psychology professor Daniel Susan Voyer. The result is based on the analysis of 369meta study of the academic grades done over 1 million boys and girls of 30 different nations. The results are surprising, Girls earn higher grades in every subject even in science where it was thought that boys would surpass them.

♦ A census of 2012, shows that 71% girls have been enrolled in college, compared to 61% of their male counterparts. This reflects that young girls are climbing the ladder and young boys remain flat. For centuries male has been the topper, but now girls are doing excellent and are scoring higher grades. If you see the recent trends, Every time the board result is out, the result of girls is better than that of the boys. Girls do extremely well and outshine the boys. yes

Girls do better at the education due to the following reasons

♦ Girls spend more time in doing their homework. They spend five and a half hours per week in doing their homework. Boys spend less than a four and a half hour on homework. Also, boys spend most of their time in playing video games and they use more internet as compared to girls.

♦ Girls read a lot. Girls read more than the boys. Reading proficiency is the basis of all the learning.

♦ Peer pressure is also one of the reason girls doing better in education. Boys think it is very cool to not do homework and also in peer pressure they start taking studies lightly and try to act cool and carefree.

♦ Some boys are very sure of their career. As they are going to take the well-established business of their fathers. It is one of the reason boys stop studying as they do not want to make their careers. Girls do not have the option of settling in the family business, so they study hard to get a good job

♦ Girls are assumed to be more serious regarding their education and studies and they want to make their careers and name in the world as compared to the male counterparts.

♦ Due to gender inequality in education, Girls do well at the every opportunity given to them and they do well in education whereas males take advantage of the opportunity given to them and take education for granted.

Girls do better in Education than Boys.smiley 


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