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The CBSE board declared the 12th Board result on May 28th ‘2017. The much-awaited results are out. The high scoring cut-offs are the reason for tensions among the students as it makes it difficult to make it to the top colleges of the prestigious Delhi University or into the desired college. What career after 12th is the question on every student’s mind? A tough choice is to be made and some may have to compromise on their career because they did not score well enough.

After the 12th grade results, the student gets busy in career planning and looks for various alternatives. There seems to be only a handful of options that one could think of but there are limitless options to be considered. 
Sometimes, they have no clear idea about their path and thus, they tend to take wrong decisions.

The biggest Risk of all is not taking one - Mellody Hobson

 In general, science, arts, or commerce would straight away lead you into a broad category of professions but by choosing science, you generally get to choose between various paths. This is where career counselling comes into the role. Career Counselling Platforms can help a lot. They give enough information about the career so use them as much as possible.

Choosing science would allow the students to opt for engineering, medical or general sciences. There are specific courses within science like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics that can be chosen for graduation. Also, engineering and medical are another fields open for students studying these subjects.  Once this process of choosing the field is completed, the question of choosing the college or the university comes into the picture. Before taking a decision, it is advisable to seek some career guidance from career counselling platforms as they are freely available. Clarity and adequate information straight away answer questions like how to choose a right career, the best career option for me and similar questions.

Broadly, there are two exams for the science students after 12th:  JEE and NEET UG. JEE deals with engineering and NEET deals with MBBS. Also, while the individual college entrances may follow the standard entrance exam format, it is not a rule that they should follow that standard format.  When deciding the entrance exams, it is better to stick to the standard exams like common entrance exams in order to prepare for one and be able to attempt several exams. The common exams open the path for entry to not just a single college but many. Take help of career counselling platforms in choosing the college that is best for you and then takes admission in the same. The online preparation websites provide comprehensive study materials for most of the standard and common entrance exams. Their online practice papers for JEE and online practice tests for NEET UG provide good exam like environment to practice. The mock test series of NEET-UG is quite comprehensive for success in the exam.

The commerce stream open ways for students to enter into Chartered Accountant (CA),  B.Com, Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) and various undergraduate courses. The entry to CA is through the Common Proficiency Test (CPT). The admission to various universities for undergraduate programs like the Indraprastha University (IPU) is also by the way of entrance test. The admission to Delhi University (DU) is on the basis of the cutoff list prepared by various colleges for various courses like English Honors, B.Com Honors etc. There are a number of options and courses that one can opt after the commerce stream. But the favorite of many seems to either B.Com Honors or CA.

The humanities or arts stream also lets you take admission in various colleges of Delhi University in courses like political science honors, psychology honors, and many other options. It is also on the basis of the cutoff list prepared by the colleges. The lack of awareness among the students and parents as well about the list of ranging courses one can opt after the science, commerce and humanities stream apart from the regular courses like Engineering, Chartered Accountant (CA). Courses like Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC), Hotel Management are also some good courses to make a career after class 12th. BJMC is a bachelor degree and one can pursue this in case you do not want to go for B.Com honors.

Every student is not cut-out for engineering, medical or Chartered Accountant. Many students opt for these courses only because to them there is no other alternative. Less information about the existence of other courses and their utility leads to confusion among the students on what to choose.

Therefore, it is advisable for students to search well about the available courses on the internet. Gather adequate information about the prospect courses. Take counselling session if in doubt and make a well-informed choice.  Career after 12th is important as it the question of your entire professional life. One wrong step taken in haste and negligence can lead you in trouble. Most students are living with this perception that college life is for fun and you can always be serious towards your career of the undergraduate course. This is a myth. Undergraduate course will pave the way for postgraduate and master degree. Exceptions are always there. You can change your line of study and do well even after that.

Try to choose a career you wish to pursue in long run.yes








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