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If we compare today’s India with what it was about 5 years ago then we will surely see a boom of adopting digital technologies in almost every field that we can think of. Be it smartphones, laptops, tablets or any other digital product, we have seen radical growth in each digital sector. Same is true in case of Government services. There used to be a time when one needs to stand in long queues for submitting electricity bills (or any other bill) but today it can be paid directly online by sitting at a couch in your home.

Recently Government of India has launched “Digital India” campaign that aims at building digital network and providing Digital Literacy in rural areas.

Status now is not whether you are awake or asleep,it is whether you are online or offline- PM Narendra Modi

Digital India has shown great impacts so far and if reports are to be believed then it is going to mesmerize us further. Under Digital India scheme, government is going to launch new e-services and at the same time they are going to strengthen existing e-services like online passport, IRCTC online booking, birth certificate application, UIDAI registration etc.

Modifications to existing passport and IRCTC booking process are made already. Passport process which earlier used to take around a month can now be completed within 7 days only and IRTC server’s width is doubled which allows more number of users (almost double) to use IRCTC online services at same time. Talking about birth certificates then government has plans to work in collaboration with respective state government to build dedicated birth certificate portals where user can register for new births, can check its status and at the same time can ask authorities to make any kind of amendments online itself. Work is in progress and will be completed in coming 3-5 years. Once it is done properly, we will no longer be required to visit nearest Gram Panchayat Office (GPO) or municipality office for registering birth details of newly born infant. All we will need is to upload required documents (birth registration copy from hospital register. IDs for parents) along with details like birth place, birth time etc. Once the details are uploaded and verified by respective authorities, birth certificate will be delivered within 10 working days.

Government has built some other useful services like DigiLocker, myGov, eAttendance. DigiLocker is an online locker (digital locker) that provides Indian citizens a 10GB space to store all their important documents online. Documents can be anything like voter card, Aadhaar card, PAN number etc. You can store your academic certificates as well. When it comes to security, then DigiLocker has the provision of 2 Step verification (used by Google) that can be activated after integrating your account with Aadhar number.

In myGov app, you can pitch your suggestions/ideas to respective government officials. They are checking it regularly so there are bright chances that your idea/suggestions will be picked and acted upon (depending upon the quality of your idea).

eAttendance will make sure government employees are spending expected hours in office only. It comes with biometric attendance system that will track attendance of every government employee.

Digital India Pillars

Government of India has identified 9 basic pillars where they want to consolidate things with help of digital technologies used under Digital India campaign. GOI is continuously looking for identifying and adding more verticals to the list. 9 basic pillars are:

  1. Broadband highways: This will connect India with a strong internet connection that can be accessed with ease and high latency.
  2. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity: aims at building a portable solution of basic e-services throughout the country. One should not depend on specific geography for accessing related stuff. It should be portable and geography independent.
  3. Public Internet Access Program
  4. E-Governance: All basic services will be connected to digital world and people will be allowed to submit their reviews. It will help government in deciding the plans as per the interest of public.
  5. eKranti: It aims at delivering services with help of digital technologies.
  6. Information for all: Government wants to build a central library which can help Indian students to learn anything for free. It will be a big change in education sector.
  7. Electronic Manufacturing: In association with Make in India campaign, it will aim at producing indigenously build electronic components.
  8. IT for Jobs: With this initiative government will build a common web portal for job seekers and job givers. It will help organizations to fetch for the right talent through right medium. At the same time it will help all potential job seekers to get paid for their skills. So it is a win-win situation for both employers and employees.
  9. Early Harvest Programs: Aims at building skillsets as per the industry requirement and standard.

We will keep you updated with more Digital India features as soon as they will be announced. Do let us know your views about Digital India campaign.

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