Effective Communication through Good Vocabulary

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Effective and Good Communication is the most important thing in our lives. Communication is one important aspect of our daily lives. It is the essence of living being. We exist to communicate and we share commonality by communication. Communication is the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Two-way communication should be practiced. English is a global language, acceptable everywhere. Knowing it and to be able to speak it well helps us a lot. It makes you go global. It makes communicating an easy affair. If you can communicate well, your half job is done. Everyone cannot so try to do through learning. It is a learning process; no one can become fluent in a single day. It is a continuous process and should be done on regular basis to achieve fluency. It is not a game of one day. Are you seeking answers to How to improve English Communication? Read on and get your answers.

Practice makes a man perfect, this theory is applicable in communication also.

The art of communication is the language of leadership - James Humes

As one practice more it makes an individual more fluent as well as more confident in speech delivery. It can be done in many ways like making habit of daily conversations in English mainly with one who knows the language, as you are learning and requires training and teaching and also with other people who are good at it for your own practice. Second, reading newspapers and novels, magazines etc in the language helps you get command over the language and you can build English vocabulary also.

♦ Reading newspapers and novels.

♦ Good English vocabulary.

♦ Try to speak more and more with another person i.e. two-way communication.

♦ Content should be clear; know what you want to say.

♦ Use words which are familiar to you as well as to the listener.

All these factors written helped an individual to communicate in an effective way and also this builds self-confidence and positive thinking. Lack of proper communication skills and poor English vocabulary leads to some major issues as listener sometimes misinterprets the situation. It puts you in a non-confident state when you communicate with others. This is why proper learning of English is necessary and to achieve the level of fluency that would make communication easy and well. Another aspect associated with good English communication skills is the power of vocabulary. A Strong vocabulary is the sign of strong communication skills. You can play with words in your speech. Strong English Vocabulary is a must if you want to play with the words.  The words you use, the way you pronounce creates the overall impact. Just in case a person speaks in plain English easy to understand and on the other hand, one uses adverbs, synonyms to speak and describe. You will be flattered by the English and communication of the one who uses good vocabulary although both said the same things in a different way. This is what good vocabulary does to your English and communication. It is a well-presented food looks delicious to eat. Vocabulary cannot be built in one day. It requires extra effort to read, listen to good English and to make it a part of daily life. It is only you who can build and work on your vocabulary and no one else for you. Even if you hear a person with good vocabulary, he may assist you but cannot make you good at it until and unless you make the first step. So take the first step.

There are many ways of improving English vocabulary. To improve vocabulary one should have good learning and grasping power to learn some new words daily and use them in their conversation. For improving English vocabulary one should write a blog in this way you can improve your writing skills and can express your expression. A blog is a good way to use new words that you learned. But all you have to do is, your blog to blog every day slowly you will find a drastic change in your language. As writing gives you the freedom to experiment, play and be creative with the language.

If you don’t want to share your feeling over social media then you should go for diary writing. Diary writing is same as blog writing the difference is “internet”, “social media “. In a diary, your thoughts are contained and confined to you only and you can take your diary everywhere. Just keep on writing your thoughts, feeling by using new words you are learning in your daily life. A good way of expressing yourself. You can also go for reading novels, newspaper; audio books. This entire medium is a good way to improve your English vocabulary. For example watch news channels, listed radio, go for some good English newspaper such as the Hindu etc., watch English shows and movies with subtitles to be in touch with new words and this will also keep your general knowledge updated. You can also join regular English classes, which can also help in improving your word power.

Being on social media is the best way to increase English vocabulary also you can audio books and radio speeches which clears the pronunciation also. Only knowledge of knowing words is not good enough for perfection, so saying it properly is also required. When an individual holds strong approach on vocabulary and pronounces it correctly, it develops self-confidence in oneself which leads to success in a lifetime. smiley



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