How to Support Emotional and Mental Well-Being of a Student

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Education is the fundamental right of every child. The sustainable development goals of 2030 aim to provide inclusive, equitable education to every student. Education is responsible for overall development of a child. The gross enrolment ratio is quite low in our country when education is concerned. The stress is being laid on to achieve the highest gross enrollment ratio. The vision is to make education reach to the doorstep of every child. Every child must be able to get elementary education.

The reasons for parents not sending their children to school are many.  Some are beyond the control well many are within the control of a human.

Make your mental health a priority

So, we should try to provide those facilities which we can in the best of our abilities. The lack of basic civic amenities like toilets in most of the government or state-run schools and this poses problems for both male and female students and more for females. 

We observe many things in a student life which creates a situation where a student is not able to maintain his mental and emotional state. We should take precautions and proactively support the students. Below we have listed some points which we need to take care of.

♦ The burden of studies. The pressure to score well is carried by many students. This pressure is exerted by both parents and teachers on students to study well, secure good marks. Failing to do so students take stress and depression and also commit suicide. We should understand each student has his own level of pressure and try to ease the things.

♦ Another problem with students is when they reach the higher grade. They are forced to take Science and Commerce as Humanities is seen as stream taken by students who do not study well or score well. This building pressure may some time exceeds the level and lead to disastrous results

♦ The classroom environment also plays an important role in a child’s development. A friendly, interactive classroom should be provided to the students for their mental peace. If the mind is at peace your life will be at peace. 

♦ Students should not be made to study in an intimidating environment. Some teachers try to create fear in the minds of the children in order that they will study or will complete the homework, will adhere to the rules. This disturbs them mentally and they become more stubborn in coming times

♦ Never be too harsh on children. Never give strict punishments to students. Scold them if they are wrong but do not give them punishments that harm or threatened their health, dignity

♦ Never exploit the child mentally or physically. Do not let anyone exploit them.

♦ Understand the student's desires, talents, and skills. This is the duty of both parents and teachers. If he is not interested in Maths do not force them to take maths.

♦ Do not pressurize students to study all the time. Especially during exams parents restrict watching television and playing. These are needed for recreation, relaxing. Never advise a child to study at the cost of health or in stress.

♦ Never compare your child with elder siblings or any other child of his/ her class. This creates an inferiority complex in a child. He /she may not like this comparison. Child may develop feelings of hatred against them

♦ Train students to deal with difficult situations, stress, and anxiety. To have an attitude of never give up in life under any circumstances.

♦ Teach them about not to indulge in alcoholics, drugs. Students of higher grade get into these stuff under peer pressure. They take these as an option to overcome difficulties.

♦ Ragging, Bullying should be strictly prohibited in schools. Such activities can have serious consequences. 

Managing the emotional and mental health of a child is the duty of both parents and teachers. They should look for strategies that bring out the best in a child and leads to development instead of them being trapped in any depression or stress.

Guide them, train them properly. Provide them the needed infrastructure, environment for their nourishment


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