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As it said that a person comes alone and goes alone. This is the reality of life which will never change. In between this journey, there stands an imperative component of an individual's journey of growing,which is known as the Family. One never realizes its importance, but as the wheels of time run , a person deduces how meaningful they are.They act as a foundation for a person and nurture them under their supervision. The whole world may be on one side and family on the other because family is the one to rely upon,be it in a good or bad whereabouts.By saying this, we don’t mean friends and other people whom we meet unconditionally are not trustworthy. What we mean, family means TRUST !

We asked few team members of Edu4Sure on this. We asked Simran who is one of our bloggers as well. These people are common and we thought to ask them.

When your aim is to achieve personal life then set your specific targets to achieve and not sky !

Simran says “A house is certainly made of bricks, but a home is sculpted out of it family members. Every member has a sense of obligation towards the other members. Support,trust,immeasurable love,unity are such attributes that can be found under one roof only”

Parents are the only ones obligated to love us. We actually earn it from the others. The family is our backbone and we don’t even realize it easily. We have learned intricacies of life from our families and without even knowing it, we tend to work and act like the people close to us. That’s because they influence us and they make us!

When we asked Esha ( Our Content Editor), what she believes about family.

Esha replied:

“We must make our family feel special with small things that we do. Family members must know that we admire them, even if we don’t mention it literally. Why not take them for a short trip or go for that special ice-cream after the dinner? They are sure to know your feeling of gratitude with things like these. Go for it, make them smile.”

11 Ways through which you can Make your Parents feel Special ! Check it out here.

When we asked Deepak Goel ( Founder) about his idea on Family.

Deepak Replied:

“I have met people who want to do great for their family and to achieve such great things, they actually miss their own great people. Like people come from different parts of the country to make a career and earn money especially in metros but most of the times they miss out their family. Their parents get older and keep waiting for them.

Have you ever realized?

“We are ready to work for the BOSS but not for the family”

If we go with Deepak’s thought, we agree to it.

Let us know what do you think about his thought.

We ask you 1 question:

Don’t we ignore parents call but not our colleagues especially the seniors. Is it only the professional life we care about ?

Deepak said more on it

Some confusion still in my (Deepak Goel’s ) mind:

The vision like I have in my life “To make a personal life better than professional” but being from a middle-class family and aiming high requires a lot of sacrifices. I personally have lost a lot of moments with the family just to do good in professional. What I have realized that I would never keep “Sky is the Limit” in my mind because the moment I have such kind of ideas, I would never achieve my vision, I repeat “ To make a personal life better than professional”

Deepak smiled and finally said “What I wanted to achieve, someone has already achieved”

So basically does he mean we should set a target to achieve?

Probably Yes !

Deepak believes “Akanksha is among very few people who give priority to Family than career/other professional/ personal interest in life”.  

She is the one who made him realize that there should be a set of a target to achieve.Though he already knew it but he was not realizing it. Success takes time and “Sky is the limitis not always right. We have to set priorities and once we achieve them, We are the happiest person & great achiever.

There can be many people who are like Akanksha and we wish they should come forward and read what Esha had mentioned. We should come forward and admire them and make them happy :)  because Family Matters!

The Content is inspired by Akanksha and thanks for the special contribution of Simran,Esha, and Deepak !

We would come up with more such idea. Kindly share your ideas in the comment or suggest us edit and we will do it for you because you are also our family “Edu4Sure” and Family Matters a lot !

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