HR Strategies For Start-Ups

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HR Strategies For Start-Ups, Wannapreneur


Human Resource planning is that the key essence of any start up . the modern approach states that you're sensible in managing individuals and putting them into the right job then your company can succeed of course . Hr challenges like recruiting, development and project management are - problems that may be simply resolved at a lower value.
There are, however, 3 ‘MANTRA’, Hr that provide you with the chance to stand forward among all. If you fail to resolve them, your business can fail.

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius.

These challenges deserve the massive greenbacks.

Personality Matters

Creating the correct ‘mix’ of workers inside your organization from Day one is essential. Your employees must replicate the variety of your client base, and fulfill their want consequently.

To build a prospering business, begin by understanding the personalities and selection of your customers. Marketing, client support, sales, and products management plans ought to be designed with total specialize in your numerous client base. Corporations that lack diversity – each within the traditional sense, and in a} diversity of personalities – can realize it very tough to accomplish this task

Be Transparent

Employees need clarity from their leaders, however sharing for the sake of sharing isn't productive. take care you're sharing data with intent – being clear with immaterial data results in ambiguity and uncertainty.

Timing is equally important; be deliberate within the time you select to share data. data shared too early might cause workers to shift priorities timely, and data shared too late might undermine worker confidence.

Employees  must apprehend  ‘WHY’ Company exists

Only a transparent vision backed by a robust “why” will flip workers into rockstars.
Individuals work best once they will create choices on their own; once they have the talents, information and necessary coaching for his or her role; and once they perceive the aim of their job inside the organization.

If they can not justify why the corporate exists, or it’s larger business, your message can never unfold. Startup founders got to pay time ensuring that their initial workers share their vision of a far better future, empowering them to be effective flag-bearers.
A safe way to try this is to place the maximum amount of attention and resources into managing your workers as you are doing it to managing your customers. workers ought to feel connected, vital and valued.
However, from the higher than expressed ‘MANTRA,’ there's rather more work needed for designing.

A. CHALLENGES - The startup business is the unique opportunity, but it faces many challenges such as Staffing Issues, Role, and Responsibilities,Compensation Structures,Communication Issues,Corporate Culture of Start -up.The Startup must take up these challenges as an opportunity and come out with flying colors.

B. AGENDA - Agenda for the start-up should consist of the following items which can reap out the highest benefit

  1. Set up recruitment process

  2. Design the compensation structure

  3. Job description

  4. Set up regular internal communication

Other items are also important but they can wait as the startup is in the beginning period and need to grow quickly.


1. Attract the new infusion blood with new talent.Track open vacancies and job application.

2. Fill vacancies quickly  - HR should outsource part of the process to the recruitment agency as the startup is not overloaded and vacancies are filled as early as possible.

D. COMPENSATION POLICY - HR has to design the packages and standardize offers for the employ, as the package does not demotivate the new joiners.HR has to introduce the basic leveling of job positions as the internal equity is reached, and employ has no reason to complain.

The package consists from:

  1. Low base salary

  2. Low performance related bonus

  3. High share of stock option and shares

HR has to balance all the components as the first failure does not destroy the entire set off of the start up.

E. JOB DESCRIPTION - The start -up has to organize its internal chaos, as it can deliver product and services to market successfully.The team has to split roles and responsibilities.Each team member has to understand his role in the team and utilize it making a right decision.

HR has to introduce simple and clear job description for employees as they focus on delivery of the key task . The most important job description is that the employee must receive the order from one person only so he is accountable to him only.

F. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION - Start up business always change its task and priority, the internal communication help in focusing key priorities.HR should always share the responsibility with the founders to set up the regular communication plan.

G. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT - Induction training,staff development, career planning need to keep in place.  Training modules, templates need to be designed for proper training.


Traditionally the business was small in size and the work was handled by 2 to 3 people but as the organization grows in size complexity increases so is the role of human resource department earlier it was confined to staffing but now its work is much more than it .

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