Hidden Benefits of Training the Trainer

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The advent of high-end technology and using the same in the completion of work to achieve organization objectives has made it a cakewalk for corporations. They are able to keep themselves updated to the current industry standard, improve work performances, better productivity and increased customer satisfaction. The reason the corporations are able to withstand the changing dynamics and survive the cut through competition is that of the corporate training. Corporate Training is provided to the employees of the corporation as they only make it possible for the corporation to face challenges. Employees are the lifeline of corporations. No corporation can work without employees and moreover effective employees. So to enhance the effectiveness, capabilities of the employees, corporations send them for training. Training of employees is one such activity that almost every corporation irrespective of the size, big or small, scale of operation has on their list.

Confidence comes from discipline and training - Robert kiyosaki

Training of employees simply means teaching them about a new technology, subject related to their field of operation, providing skill training, soft skill training and giving them something extra that they might not know. Training is important because of technology, laws are not static, they keep changing in accordance with the time so employees also need to keep pace with the changing times. This will be clear from the example. Currently, GST bill (Goods and Service Tax) have been enacted by the government of India. So All the chartered accountant firms are holding seminars and training session on this topic, GST so that their employees know what it is, parameters and how their work will change and be affected with the coming of the new bill. If the companies do not indulge in such sessions, their employees will not be able to function. They will not be aware and will continue to work the older way and in a wrong way. Suppose, the CA himself does not know anything about GST, how will he explain to his clients. So training is important.

Corporate Training is an investment in the future and favor of the company and employees. Companies and its employees understand the payback value. Investments always pay higher returns and profits.Similarly, training never goes waste. It will always yield benefits for both the company and employees. Immediate benefits of training are spelled –out in course description and syllabus.  If a larger group of people have to be trained that exceeds the budget it is sensible to train a trainer that will in turn train a number of employees and will leverage their training investments in ways that are not obvious.

You all must have heard the famous Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to catch a fish and you feed him for a lifetime".  The same goes for training as well. Training a trainer is same like teaching a man to fish. Train one trainer and they impart the knowledge to millions of it. They have this ability to share and spread the knowledge.  Most corporations train their employees in a similar way. They first trained the trainer and then trainer train the employees further.  In this way, corporations leverage the benefits of training investments.  In this sense, trainer becomes an important part of the training process. If you train the trainer well, he will train your employees well. It is a circle. So invest more in training the trainer and you will see the benefits in unexpected ways. A good trainer will always train the group in the best possible way and organization will benefit from the trained employees and staff.

Benefits of Training the trainer:

♦ Train the trainer well. Now build self - confidence in the trainer that he can further impart training by allowing them to take on a new or expanded role. More of such projects will build confidence in the trainer.

♦ Tough topics are tough to handle. Help trainers feel comfortable with tough topics initially and slowly they will get in the habit.

♦ Ensure the trainer communicate the key messages related to the course and do not miss on any key point. Communication should take place in an effective manner

♦ Training should be in context with the organization that improves relevance

♦ Make sure trainers understand the importance of interactivity, using of experimental techniques of delivery and use it in their methods

♦ Use internal resource to train employees and allow formation of new teams and alliances

♦ Help employees feel comfortable in sharing information with the trainer. Ensuring the creation of such environment

♦ Ensure employee feel the part of the corporation it has added benefits.  It improves employee retention

These are the hidden benefits of training the trainer. Consider these when you are thinking of training and execute training plans for organization needs and catch the profits.


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