How my Landing Page Should Be ?

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Hey, are you here for upgrading your knowledge about the landing page of your website?

If yes, then you have landed at the correct place. Do you know about landing page or do you want to know some features of a good landing page? Then pull your socks up for getting ample of information that is important for you to make your landing page the best. Digital marketing classes in Noida can give you sufficient information on this topic.

Some significant questions are discussed here. Just 8 Golden tips on ‘How a landing page should be?’ are also packed like a treasure for you to be unpacked in the later part.

Treat your user as your guest and Always try to make user happy with his landing on your website. A happy landing would bring him back.

So go on reading. Because- ‘Reading is the key to open the doors of rooms filled with Knowledge.’

Firstly, ask yourself ‘What a landing page is?’ Do you get a perfect answer from your brain? If not, then read the following:

Next what?

Let’s discuss the differences between a Home page and a Landing page.’

Homepage does not allow a visitor to focus on a particular task.

Whereas landing pages are specific places to visit for a newcomer on your website. He/she is directed towards your landing page by some link.

The conversion rate i.e. the number of visitors converted into customers per unit time gains a high value when a person gets to know ‘what he has to do?’ through a well-stated landing page.

Whereas, this rate is quite low when you are presenting your home page.

What’s the bottom line?

Hence, we can conclude that landing page is quite different from a home page. In fact, it is much better than a home page. So you should create a new landing page for every new product, service or any newly designed offer.

‘But how will you create a landing page?’ The big question, I guess.

No need to think so much. Just go through the following points: (These are based on the characteristics of a good landing page).

TipWrite a heading that is easy to understand for any visitor regardless of his/her background. For example: “Golden Opportunity for you” This will definitely attract your visitor out of his curiosity.

Tip: Provide direct links through the sub-headings to any further landing page you want your visitor to go on.

Tip: Add images that present your work, few offers for the visitor, etc. Images help the viewer to understand the exact purpose of your landing page.

What else:

Rest of the format can be designed as per your website or your company. Just try to give only one topic in the centre of your landing page. Rest of the smaller topics can either be given in short paragraphs on the edges of the page or a CTA button can be allotted to every new topic.

 A new visitor if likes your presentation on the page he has first landed has a choice to go for other landing pages through the links you have provided. This will increase the session time as well which is important for search engine optimisation.Do you know what is SEO? If no, take digital marketing classes in Noida to learn.

After discussing the landing page and the points to follow for creating a good landing page, 8 golden tips are given as below:

So we are finally standing on the verge of completely knowing about a landing page, its characteristics, and few points to follow for creating a good landing page and 8 golden tips as well. Use all these points and know how a landing should be?’ and enjoy making the relevant changes to your site. This is because ‘One good change can change your life forever.’

So make relevant changes, take careful steps, deliver filtered information and facts on a landing page and get good results.

I believe that you must have got every single point in your brain after reading this informative blog. Though if you feel that I have missed something relevant related to a good landing page then what should you do?  Go help your friends by adding your worthy tips in the comments box. 

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