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Whether you are a startup looking for vast social media platforms for giving your brand an audience exposure or an already healthy wealthy business set up wanting to create its brand image over the social media due to the vast shifting audience from an ancient medium of communication and digital marketing to social media.It is all now part of the marketing strategy now. It helps in making money online.Many companies provide online courses with certificates.

There are a few social media platforms that are highly popular amongst the web audience, which marketers can use for successful branding and promotion of their products, one such highly growing medium is Instagram.

Instagram : 

Instagram is a social website and mobile application where people can post images, videos and share their happening moments with the world or just the people they choose to (followers on a private Instagram account) Founder and CEO Kevin Systrom, a young graduate from Stanford University with a BS in Management Science & Engineering and serves on the boards of Walmart and KCRW, found the idea of storytelling through visuals and motion videos very intriguing,

His vision & creativity is the result of a multimillion-dollar social media site with 300million active users today who equally love visual storytelling and have adopted sharing their images and stories through Instagram worldwide.

“People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want. They don’t do business with you to help you get what you want.” -Don Crowther

Instagram joined Facebook in the year 2012 and ever since then has achieved new heights of popularity.

Be it celebrities or advertisers everybody is sharing and posting their stories through visuals on Instagram today foreseeing its growth over the social media, marketers have come to acknowledge Instagram's presence in the social media & thus started approaching Instagram with various social media marketing strategies.

Instagram has opened its gates for the marketers to advertise and promote their presence on the social media in several creative ways since its growing user interfaces the PR agencies and Ad agencies have tried various methods of social media brand promotion and marketing over Instagram.

A recent Research says Instagram will be overlapping all others media in future as per its present growth rate which even overlaps its parent company Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Few methods for successful marketing over Instagram:

#1 Create a strategic profile –  

Since Instagram is connected to Facebook directly your Instagram posts can as well have an impact on your Facebook audience, do your market research and you can create a joint profile which will help you post the same image or video on your Facebook account or page this feature of Instagram will help you stay connected with your followers,

Always mention your other social media handles in your Instagram profile, it will help your followers to connect with you on other social media platforms, it leaves a good impression on the audience that you are active on other social sites creating a social buzz about your brand. It helps in online advertising of your brand.

Your profile page should be designed in such a way that it attracts a maximum audience to come and spend some time over your profile, for that you need to create images along with business images. It comes with your marketing plan.
Always keep your profile updated and fresh, otherwise, you will soon start losing followers because nobody wants to follows a dead profile over the social media.

#2 Post product images with creative and complete description –

While designing a good product image display for your Instagram profile you need to as well work on attractive product description and label its contents, always mention product price along with a link from where the user can buy the product, also you leave a call to action link of your website over the image so that the user is tempted to visit your website and perhaps may buy something.Internet marketing strategies will help you in brand visibility increment. These are among the few advantages of the online marketing.

#3 Instagram videos –

Instagram also has a video feature where you can share videos, marketers can use this tool in many creative ways as a motion video can convey any message very effectively because it’s both audio and visual combined which gives a better viewer engagement.

Brands can post creative videos which involve a better user interaction with the brand, making them feel connected to the brand.

#4 Instagram ads-

A very effective feature of Instagram where they have opened gates for any advertiser to come and advertise with them, small or large.

It is an initiative to generate revenue from sponsors and expand the social media marketing circle of Instagram, marketers have an excellent opportunity to expand over Instagram audience location wise, they can connect with Instagram to share sponsor advertisements for brand promotion which Instagram will display over the homepage of users after and repeat after certain intervals

But remember it’s still totally a users choice to view it or they can simply scroll past it, so make sure your sponsor ads have catchy and attractive headlines, not many marketers are making use of this feature as of now so if you are a local brand then your ads have the opportunity to get featured repetitively , use it before it gets expensive and competitive place to set foot in.

#5 Use unique hashtags (#)  –

Instagram lately introduced the hashtag system for its users in order to identify people of same interests as each another, where you can tag an image using a hashtag to describe words which connect the image or give it a description so that viewer can identify the thoughts of the user.

Remember while posting pictures over Instagram to use unique hashtags which will connect the audience to your brand and encourage them to follow your brand, you can create a separate hashtag for your Instagram community where you can roll out several contests asking them to feature your brand using your hashtag and lay out different prices for the best-featured image or video under that hashtag.

Also, ask them to tag their friends and followers on posts under your hashtag by creating catchy captions for the image,  this will help your brand to grow more popular.

#6 Encourage talented photographers to come and shoot for your brand –

If you want to generate awareness amongst the Instagram audience you can roll out photography contests, as Instagram is full of people who love capturing moments over camera, some of them would love to get a platform where they can showcase their talents of storytelling, which will benefit your brand if you can encourage them to shoot for your brand and feature the best images over your brand profile and other social media handles and in return you can give them your brand merchandise, goodies or vouchers.  

Give your brand promotion a touch of creativity by launching various exclusive offers for Instagram followers specifically, like a sale, goodies, and hampers or even promo codes.

#7 Recognize your customers on Instagram -

 Ask winners of contests or promotional events to send you their pictures with the product and you can feature them on your Instagram profile by tagging them or you can highlight your customers who appreciated your product or service and give them a token of thanks.

Always keep a direct approach with your customers over the web or social media, it is the best way to sustain genuine customers.

Over the user interface of 300million users and regular Instagram visitors, Instagram is the highest growing social website and application, marketers should grab all the opportunity they get to expand over Instagram and try to utilize its unique social media marketing strategies, the sooner the better.

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