YES, You’re a Dreamer (But Do You Dream Big Enough)

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I'm a dreamer.

From the beginning, I could remember that when they said that sky is the limit, I was the one who'll disagree with them every single time. I had all the wild fantasies in my mind about doing great and achieving unachievable things in future and yes, sometimes people thought that I'm just an unrealistic idiot but that doesn't bother me because I knew that I'm not alone. There are lots of dreamer's out there to change the world for better.

If you're a dreamer like me then you must have dream’s that doesn't let you sleep in the night and you must want to do something that seems silly or unrealistic to ordinary people.

Think Big, Dream Bigger!

 Perhaps, anyone can have a routine life like a simple job, a beautiful wife, a savings account and a small dream to live happily after but for a dreamer it’s all about holding tight to a vision for a better life, one of success and abundance.

Yes, I know that achieving these so called dreams of ours might be very tough, we'll face failures and setbacks along the way but believe me, it’s all worth it. Just ask someone who has achieved a big goal and you'll know the truthfulness of above statement.

What does it take to Dream big?

How to dream big? How to set big goals? Where to begin with? Well, it's not such a hassle as it seems to be, just ask a small kid about what she wants to do in coming summer vacations and she might say I want to visit the whole world in a helicopter with my friend and.

Well, children’s don't care about being silly or unrealistic. They just speaks what they dream to do and yes, we can easily dismiss a child's dream by saying that it's silly but just ask yourself that is it really impossible? Who are us to judge whether something is possible or not ?

Just because something is out of the box doesn't mean it’s impossible and for a dreamer, the word impossible doesn't exist. The best thing about being a dreamer is that we don't believe in limits or restrictions, we just believe in ourselves. As a dreamer, you must

⇒ Find out what's your true calling

⇒ Find out what you want to achieve? At this point don't care about what the world will think of you. Remember it's your life you don't need to impress anyone you just have to express what you want to do.

 Be positive (it's a must)

⇒ Don't compare your present to your future. For example, where I'm today and where I want to be (It can give you lots of negativity)

⇒ Don't fear failures and setbacks (they're part of the process)

⇒ Have patience and faith in yourself (I can and I will spirit)

⇒ Never ever never ever and never ever give up on your dreams. (Keep fighting like a soldier until you get what you want)

Why should you dream big?

When does someone ask me why you dream so big? I just reply them why you think so small? People often ask why to choose such a tough journey and I give them a simple answer because I'm not born to adjust.

And I just hate that word adjust (and limit too), I'm a bit like why to adjust when you can achieve anything you wants to with your will and courage. The biggest difference between a dreamer and normal folks is that a Dreamer never adjusts or compromise with his dreams.

We dreamers don't believe in having a normal life - one of stability and peace but instead of that we have wild visions of an adventurous life that we're destined to live.

Sometimes big goals are a bit scary to many of us. We take a look at the big goal and look back at our current scenario and think about how’s it possible? I can never reach there. Well, the fact is that we never know what we're capable of until we push ourselves to our limits.

The problem is not with those people who fail while trying to achieve their dreams but it's with those people who don't even try. When we set our big goals, it never ensures we'll reach them but not setting them guarantees it. If you want to win a game, the first thing you have to do is to play the game.

1. Your true calling - Doing what you dreams to do makes you a passionate and hardworking person. You'll never regret just a single thing you have done in your life. It connects you to your inner self and develops an attitude of self-believe (that I can do it).

If you do what your true calling is then you'll not work a single day in your life because your work will not be your job, it'll be your dream that your heart wants to live.

2. Life of a dreamer - Another reason why one should dream big is that life of a dreamer involves lots of excitement, exploring and adventures. And till now I didn't meet with a single person who doesn't love life full of excitement and adventures.

Just ask yourself that when was the last time something you thought to achieve and it gave you chills or goose bumps?  That's the life of a dreamer. You know that you're walking on an adventurous journey against all the odds and there are lots of obstacles in your way but still you choose to fight against all the odds, logics, and probabilities.

In short, it's all about getting out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself forward and doing everything that once you dreamed of.

3. You become a better person - When you dream big, you quickly realize that you need to improve your life. The concept of self-improvement becomes more a necessity and less of an option. As a dreamer, we realize that we can't reach our dreams by doing the same thing again & again and hoping for different results.

You realize that you need to change and you need to change into better and hard working person. It's a fact that without changing, there is no way full fill our dreams.

 You start setting big goals for yourself.

 You start developing good habits and eliminating bad habits.

 You start building a routine for your day.

 You start checking your progress regularly.

 You start managing and respecting your time. (Because time is everything)

 You start seeing flaws in yourself and try to improvise. (It’s a must)

 You become a detective and the crime you're searching is a success.

4. You learn the importance of failure - Of course, I know that failure is painful and I have felt it many times but those are failures have served me rather than hindered me and I didn't realize it when I failed but when I look back I see themselves (failures) as real life lessons.

They gave me an idea about what to do and what not to do in coming future. After facing those failures, I grew up mentally, physically and spiritually. Yes, sometimes I was broken, sometimes I cried and sometimes I experienced physical pain but every time I came out as a better person.

I recovered from failures quicker than ordinary people but how and why? Because I'm a dreamer and I know that when you succeed you tend to party a lot but when you fail you learn a lot.

5. The taste of success - Surely, success is a fruit that everyone wants to taste but no one wants to pay a price for it. For us, dreamers success is the only option, only choice, and only destiny and if you've dreamed big enough in your life then, believe me, your success will be an inspiration to future generations.

The day when you reach your goals, you start feeling proud of yourself and dear that's the best feeling in the world (you can't imagine it, you can just feel it).

But what if you fall short? What if you can't reach your goals? Well, being a dreamer allows you to fall short of your goal and still gain a lot. For example, if someone dreams to be president of USA and works hard to reach their but eventually fails. Still then in the process of becoming president he makes himself capable of being a governor or senator.

And just tell me how many people can even reach there? Well, that’s the magic of being a dreamer that even if you fail, still you gain a lot.


Nothing is too large or unachievable in this world when you have the courage to achieve something you dream. Dreamers are a rare breed of ambitious persons, who just follow what their soul wants to achieve.

Actually, Dreamers are the reason why the world changes for better, they are the ones who see that the glass is half empty when it's half full, they never adjust or compromise with their dreams and most importantly they don't believe in limits.

I know that the path to reach our big goals is always gonna be full of obstacles and sometimes your dream can scare you half to death but believe me, if your dreams don't scare you as hell then boy you're not dreaming big enough. Never let where you are at today limit you because always remember, it all starts with a dream and you're a dreamer. 

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