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You would probably think of this article as a mere kid ranting about her experience and probably you’re right  laugh (hehe) ! But you know what? This simple yet extravagant internship experience has made me eligible to tell you about how simply you can find and do what you love and never get bored of it.

The article is contributed to "My Career My Experience" Initiative of Edu4Sure! I want to share one of my career related experience which can help many of us who really need to know " Can one be a blogger at 15 or just try to initiate his/her blogging skills with the support of the team who has the vision to empower students"

I had my summer break going on and unlike every year, somehow, I was very motivated to make my holidays productive.

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” John Keats

So I signed up for a few internship sites but for around a month I got no response. So then I sent my details to a few more firms because I had read somewhere that it is very important to send your details to at least 5-6 internships in order to get a response. And finally after a week or so, I got the response. You know, that feeling alone is so special and unexplainable that you really start believing in yourself and thinking that “yes I can do it!” This is exactly when you get to know that you've found your passion and your dream career or internship.

So after a lot of jumping and dancing, I was assigned my first task. I was elated to be writing a blog for a real firm and I remember, I put my heart and soul into it. And the best part is, I didn't feel like I was WORKING because really, I was doing what I am really fond of. And then a lot of quotes, inspirational stories that say “do what you love, and you'll not be working a single day” started making sense.

Of course, I wasn't working like other professionals but I was getting an idea of it and to be able to get such exposure at this age was my dream.

As I started getting more and more tasks, my confidence grew and I was able to express myself better. This was not possible without the team of Edu4Sure, who were constantly supportive and encouraging yes

This project not only enhanced my skills but also made me feel so positive and good about myself, something I believe we all need today.

People do internships or take up jobs for various reasons; financial, practical or just because they are passionate about what they're pursuing. But you know apart from all this, there's another thing that aspires some people to take up jobs or internships or basically any type of work. It's the experience. Everything else is temporary but the experience stays with the person forever and this experience of mine will with me.

Frankly, I thought it would be SOOO tough to manage school, grades, exams, tests, tuitions and being a blogger. Added to this was the ca that I had people depending on me and to let them down was the worst thing I could imagine at that time. But if one really wants to do something, and moreover LOVES doing it, then no one can stop you.

Writing is my hobby, from writing senseless stories in the nursery to writing about my internship experience has been a great journey and I would never want to give up on it. Basically what I'm trying to put through is that don't do what is mainstream or what is supposed to be done. Do what makes you happy and what you think is the right way to go.

Many people told me not to do an internship at this age, but I believe age has no boundaries and the world is changing now and we, the youth are the change.

So if you're an adult or maybe a teenager like I am, find your flow and get on with it. And also, it's completely alright to not know what you like or what your interests are and this is exactly where experiences come in the picture. Just experience new things, places and meet new people. I'm sure this will help you to find where you belong and what makes YOU happy.

When I write blogs and people appreciate them, there is no better feeling. And so you think ALL this would have been possible if I had backed out and just given up? No, right ? So just try new, crazy things that people never even think of and I bet you'll make a change.

John Keats once said,

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”

So go and make all your dreams come true because when people are told that the sky is the limit, they end up showing footprints on the moon! blush

This was the one of the career experience I had. I love the initiative of Edu4Sure- My Career My Experience where we can actually share anything which is somewhere related to our career, passion & can support many.

I would surely share something about Why I Chose a particular stream after 10th and I am sure my real experience would resonate with many of people who have to choose such a difficult thing after 10th. 

Stay touch with me here because I would stay connected with Edu4Sure & Its Team forever! heart

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