Importance of Life Skills Learning

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Life is a beautiful gift given to God. We can make it more beautiful and can treasure every moment we live by learning a few life skills for a happy fulfilling life

Life skill is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life. Life skills can also be understood as the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. They are a set of human skills, experience used to handle problems and questions commonly encountered in daily human life.

Skill is defined as the ability, expertise to do something well. The Hunar to handle the life is basically known as the life skill. How well do you manage your life, the problems, and challenges of your life etc?

Definitions of life skills as given by various institutions:

Life skills are psychological, social, interpersonal skills that help them maintain good relations with each other, effective communication, cope up with all the negativity of life and lead a healthy, happy and productive life.

Some of the important life skills identified through Delphi Method by World Health Organization(WHO) are:

Importance of Life Skills Learning is increasing due to the changing environment, pace and the modern life. Life Skill learning is important to cope up with the stress and challenges in life. We can see many reasons to learn Life Skills

  1. It helps in developing a positive attitude towards a life and helps us to lead a happy life.

     2. It helps to transmit easily from childhood to adulthood by developing emotional and social skills.

     3. It develops problem-solving skills, skills to cope up with the stress that enables you to face hard situations bravely without losing

     4. It helps to build a very positive, amicable, social environment

     5. It teaches you self-control, anger management

     6. It builds confidence in you as a person

     7. It opens up your thinking to a different aspect, and to be able to think creatively

     8. It makes you more rational in your thinking

     9. It develops skills needed to build good relations and communication with one another

     10. It makes you more sensitive towards others, their problems and have an eye for things

     11. It helps you shape your personality and make you a better person both socially and psychologically by developing skills.

We must learn the life skills before it is too late!


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