Mauj 2k16 Aakhir Mauj kya hai?

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Mauj 2k16: Aakhir Mauj kya hai? devil

If you ask any student working for Mauj, “Mauj kya hai”, the most prominent answer that you will get is that “Mauj hamare liye sab kuch hai” 

You know that feeling of joy when a child laughs or that feeling of content when you assist someone or the satisfaction that you feel when you scream on those hilltops and the voice comes echoing, the happiness that you feel blowing bubbles under the open blue sky, or that calmness of standing in the cold sand with the warm sunshine above us? That feeling, that emotion, that exhilaration; that is Mauj to us.

Tu hi hai tera Mauj, Tujh hi mein tera Mauj, Tujh hi se tera Mauj, Tu khud hai tera Mauj!


It is the most awaited fest of Ghanshyandas Saraf college and Durgadevi Saraf college. This year Mauj completes a decade and a half of fete, frolic, and merrymaking. Mauj provides participants with the opportunity to showcase their talent from any of the six genres. These are literary, performing, management & IT, sports, fine arts and special events, which collectively give a total of 30 events. Every year, thousands of students come and participate in this fest and leave with wonderful memories. Like every year, Mauj is back with yet another unique theme of 'Stargaze'. This year’s theme urges you to lose your inhibitions, dream beyond the mundane imagination and experience greatness.

We also have 2 E-events this year called inked imaginations and photography. Auditions for events like dance and singing were also held. In addition to that, we also have sports eliminations on 13th and 14th December. The final events of Mauj will be held on 15th and 16th of December 2016.

Mauj has also been having celebrity judges for various events like fashion show, personality contest, solo & group dance, solo & duet singing. Some of these judges that have shared a memory on the Mauj platform include Aditya Narayan, Shyam Yadav, Sachin &Jigar, Luv o'triggerheart

Mauj is getting bigger and better! In fact this year they have even partnered with News Aur Chai. Edu4Sure, Red Fm, Atkt, India 548 as online promotion partners.

So, this year, come, engage in a world of multiple dreamers, become achievers, reach beyond the stars, and become agents of revolution,kyonki:

“Tu hi hai tera Mauj, Tujh hi mein tera Mauj, Tujh hi se tera Mauj, Tu khud hai tera Mauj!”   smiley 


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