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Motivation is the process of making someone do the desired action to achieve the set objectives. Motivation is the inner force or drive that initiates action in people to do something. Motivation is the only key that keeps people into action and strives them to work.

Motivation is a process. It is required at various stages of life. Even students need to be motivated throughout their life so that they study well, score well and make a good career. There has to be a motive behind everything and an environment of motivating students to make the process of motivation work. Give the students the motive( reason) behind to study well and do well in their academics.

A little Progress each day, adds up to big results.

Provide for the appropriate work culture in which a student can learn and grow and this will lead to him doing well. Motivation is far more important for a student than anyone else.
This is what we fail to realize as a mentor or a counselor. Keeping the child motivated and interested is what will work. Many counselors work on this motivation factor to guide the students.

They believe the best way to guide a student is not through any test or training but motivating them to look for the good. Focus on what is needed. If career is important, give priority to it. Look for the available options and try to choose the best among the options that suit your personality. Many counselors indulge in talks with their children to learn about them, gaining an understanding their problems and finding solutions with them. They want to learn what motivates them and use those motivational skills to move a student. They don’t look for a resume, but they look what the student has to offer.

They look for something unique in their client beyond their capabilities. They want to know what a child can do best other than just studying. Everyone has more to than just studying in them. Some want to develop a career, not for monetary gain but it's their passion that drives them and gives inner satisfaction. The organization wants employees that are highly motivated and are directed towards achieving positive results and giving best to their abilities.

A motivated student is more focused towards their career. They want to achieve something in their lives and they work for it more willingly. Counselors also motivate students to work and choose their career options that place them well in the near future.

Motivated students find opportunities that they fit in rather than fitting in the opportunities. They search their way and make a way for themselves that they wish to walk on. Motivation keeps the students on the right track and gives them a chance to improve and do well in their careers.  They are keen in making the right choices because they want to build their careers. A nonmotivated person, will not worry about their careers and will also have no direction.

Problem-solving and the will power to face any obstacles come from the motivational value. Students who lack push and motivation are often terrified to face the obstacles in their careers and end up choosing an easy career option.

Motivation gives you the reason to work hard and achieve your goals. You have the reason to work for it and make things happen in your favor. This is the reason management look for highly motivated employees that can manage in uncontrollable circumstances and unforeseen problems. Motivated employees are more likely to stick their jobs for a longer duration and leads to less employee turnover. It leads to increased productivity at both ends, organization and the employee.

Motivation exists within the person and directs efforts, decisions, directs behavior that affects individual performance and growth. It is required for career advancements.

Motivation is a positive sign in a person. A motivated student transforms into a motivated employee.  Motivation theory says a person does not move a ladder up if the lower needs are not fulfilled. Lower needs can only be fulfilled through persistence, hard work and for all this, motivation is required by the employees. Only motivation will make you strive to achieve more and move a ladder up.

Keep yourself motivated. yes


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