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“At the End, you bet on People Not Strategies”  -Lawrence Bossidy , CEO of Honeywell

People because it’s never b2b or b2c its Human to Human (HtoH)

Honestly, I had nothing in my mind after I completed 10th /SSC. Everyone in my Family took commerce so I became part of the crowd ,I chose commerce stream for 11th-12th HSC.  I was never so studious. I was an Average student, but I was a sports person.

“At the End, you bet on People Not Strategies” -Lawrence Bossidy , CEO of Honeywell


I have won Trophies , Medals , Certificates in Almost all kinds of sports which were, fortunately, available in my School . Kho –Kho , Kabbadi , Disc throw , Shot Put, Volley Ball , Basket Ball .  I’m proud to be an Annite and a Xavierite ( Schools –Convent).

I least cared about gaining any knowledge about streams, courses and career options. I hardly cared about studying . I have been very joyous and cheerful and happy go lucky kind of a person who never cared about tomorrow  . Don’t know how but somehow I managed to get 70% in my HSC without putting many efforts , I studied out of fear at last moment so that I at least score passing marks  . I used to grasp things quickly yes , but never liked or enjoyed studying Books . Books have always seemed Boring to me .I really can’t read books but I can talk for hours if the topic is of my interest and write endlessly.

All my Classmates who were with me in HSC opted for Commerce in Bachelors and CA , well most of them . My School time best friend also took CA so even after knowing I wasn’t studious  people nearby and relatives and friends suggested me to opt for CA or CS , I did not even want to do Bcom since I realized in my HSC ;that I hated “accounts subject” the most. My decision at that point of time wasn’t maturely taken since I did not like this subject and to escape from this I chose BCA ( Bachelors of Computer Applications) since I wanted to at least be known as Educated cheeky Since most people think having a Degree makes you Educated( MYTH).

 Later I somehow felt like I liked computers and had developed the interest in this Subject . Finally, when I Completed my BCA this was the first time in my life I got a little worried and concerned as to what will I do right now?

Yes I did like computers but I did not want to make my career in it ( Having Interest and Making Career are Two Different Things) And all my Batchmates opted for Masters in Computer Applications  or MBA and are Software Engineers and Developers & Managers in Companies today. I had no interest in Coding, neither Designing.

Just to Escape from Studying, further, I Found myself a Job and Started working in a very Well reputed company  which was Essar Groups ( Aegis Ltd) as a Customer Service Associate. Here, I learned soft skills and I was trained on anger management and using a very humble and polite language while talking to customers . I learned Client servicing, objection handling, query handling and got a chance to communicate offline over the telephone with many strangers. The job was fun and learned a lot. Somehow later I got Bored from the same thing every day and switched job to job till I actually found what I was passionate about. Life had been in a tumultuous situation till I actually understood what I wanted from myself & my career.

One of the most important thing in someone life is "Career" and we are fortunate to have enough career counselling platforms but it is hard to have a better career counselling platform where we can get enough information. However, some career counselors can help you too. So always try to reach those career counselors and have a better idea about the career choices. 

I had been a big time JOB HOPPER but if you see the kind of jobs I did , it was more to do with communicating with people and Almost Everything to do with PEOPLE , so I wanted to give it a shot and Try what it feels to be a People Person (HR) and once I opted this I never looked back in life   .

Here is a list of job hops that I did : ( this is the reason what I am today, everything you  do in the past has some part to play in your life )

Have you ever tried any career counselling platform? We make sure it would help you a lot in choosing the right career.

⇒ I was a Customer Service Associate ( 3 months) QUALITY OF A RECRUITER – Customer is the only Boss.

⇒ I was a Teacher in a School and Taught Computers and English from 1st-10th std grade student.(6months) QUALITY OF A RECRUITER AGAIN, Learning , Counseling , Understanding.

⇒ I was a Marketing and Sales person have traveled extensively and met at least 60-70 new people in a day. ( 2 months) QUALITY OF A RECRUITER , YOU GOTTA SELL SKILLED AND TALENTED PEOPLE TO COMPANIES MATCHING THE NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS.

⇒ I worked as a Corporate HR ( around 1 year in an MSO a 600 Cr. company )  and learned everything about the entire Gamut of HR- From Induction to Exit Interviews .Understood Salary slips , Took Interviews.

After these Careers Switches, I finally found out I was Good With PEOPLE . "Counseling People" ,"Selling and Marketing" to people. "Getting things are done by People. "Allocating Tasks "to People. "Finding Exact resources" to get things done . Basically everything to do with people and most importantly in the Corporate HR role : my Role was 40% recruitment and 60% generalist profile And honestly I Enjoyed the 40% role like anything because it gave me chills and this time I made a move being a Recruiter because I wanted to do that 100% instead of 40( First decision I ever made after Thinking , and trust me this has been the best decision of my life).

WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT A ROLE OF A CORPORATE HR IS AND WHEN YOU KNOW THE PROCEDURE AND HOW THINGS FUNCTION , RECRUITMENT BECOMES FUN winkBecause a Recruiter has to deal with HR’s of the companies and when you’ve already been in their shoes (both sides of the table) you know what to give to your client and keep them happy!  

And my last job was a Recruitment Consultant( 1year) , catered pan India and sticked there for an year which was a very long time for a person like me in that one year I trained 3-4 freshers and gave the highest billing ( I was always in the top 2 performers, Well you can only perform well if you love what you do !)  to the company and later realized I wasn’t really made to work for someone and I should be doing something on my own(Job gives you limited knowledge and dreams. In business, you get a full sky and wings to fly at your own will and potential.There are some perks of entrepreneurship that simply can’t be quantified. Like taking off for the day just to unpack and organize your closet or maybe take a small vacation too if need be. ) and henceforth Started “Synoverge Consultants” . However I did not change my profession, just took a shift from working for someone else to being Self employed. Because by this time I knew I would not be doing anything else apart from Recruitment. While I was doing a job as a consultant for a year I opted for MBA which I had to DROP since I lost interest when I started my own Startup and never felt guilty about it ( since nothing beats experience over Paper Mark sheets others Judgments on a Standard Learning Benchmarks people make - There’s more to Books in Life – However I could not read full books of anyone except Seth Godin & Greg Savage because they make SENSE ! ) .

Recruitment is a Religion to me .

In addition to BCA  , I also did Diploma in Sales from AMA .


I own a firm called “Synoverge Consultants” – End to End Recruitment Services Firm which caters Pan India , All domains from junior to Leadership level . (Into Business not by Chance , By Choice .)

And stay connected with me on my official facebook.

Life feels much sorted once you know what you have to do with your career. I strongly believe, In life, it’s never about getting a chance, it’s about taking a Chance !

You aren’t owed anything in life. You were born; the rest is up to you. Life doesn’t owe you anything. Others don’t owe you anything. If you want something in life, you only owe it to yourself to go out and get it. In life, there are no handouts.

Career Counselling Platforms can help a lot. They give enough information about the career so use them as much as possible and career counselling platforms are freely available and we just need to explore them.

I am glad smiley to be part of Edu4Sure's initiative My Career My Experience and wish someone would really get support from my experience. Join the initiative. It is worth to share & Care yes

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