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“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”, by George Washington Carver.

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy

Education is a basic human right in our country. In India, where so many children are still deprived of education, a new form of education is emerging out. This is the online education. Innovation in education has led to online education. It is very different from the conventional form of offline education. Learn about online education via online courses with certificates.

Both are discussed in details in the following sections. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to get education know how much importance it holds. Without education, you wouldn’t be able to read a single line and I wouldn’t be able to write anything! We have been lucky than most other kids in India who still dream about going to school and owning a book and a pen.

Most of us have had our tryst with offline education. Going to school or college is what is meant by offline education now. But now, after having studied in schools, one can choose to take up online education. Online education is becoming popular for the coming generation. People who are opting for coaching classes are choosing the online facility offered by the institute instead of the conventional classroom experience. Take up online courses with certificates. 

So the question which comes up is that which one is better for you? And which one will suit you better.  

Online education can be addressed by many other terms like virtual education, Internet-based education, web-based education and education via computer-mediated communication. From this, it becomes pretty clear that online education means imparting education by the help of technology like computers and the internet. Education through this medium was not used earlier. Now, it has become common for students to opt for online education.

     1) Online education means that the teacher and the student are not in face to face contact.

     2) It is not a classroom in which the student studies in, but a virtual one in which only the teacher is visible through their screen on the laptop or computer.

     3) It is different from private tutoring but has similar principles.  

     4) Online education is less costly than offline education.

     5) One can receive it even sitting at home; you do not have to travel anywhere.

     6) There are special sessions for asking doubts and queries.

     7) For students using online education, content is available on the website. They can make use of it anytime they want.

     8) E- Books are also available in the study material section.

     9) Other than this, students can interact with the teachers freely and post their questions on the website itself.

    10) It is a newer and advanced form of education which is being adopted by many students worldwide.

    11) Many courses are now a part of online education system. Short term courses, as well as long-term courses, are available online.

    12) Online certification courses and distance learning programs have been launched.  

Career Counselling Platforms can help a lot. They give enough information about the career so use them as much as possible.

Offline education has been a part of our education system for as long as we can remember. Arjuna received his education from Dronacharya. Years and years later, we still use one to one interaction between teachers and students. Mentors play a crucial role in guiding a student.

Without a mentor, the student may divert from his original path. Teachers are always the best mentors. They guide you along the way and help you achieve the unachievable. They are there to instill confidence whenever needed.

       ♦ Offline education is what we have been receiving all these years.

       ♦ One goes to a proper school or college or institute to receive the education.

       ♦ There are teachers and other staff faculties to guide you along the way.

       ♦ There is an interaction between the teachers and students and among students as well.

       ♦ It is beneficial for students who often need guidance and a driving force to receive the offline education.

       ♦ In offline education, there is always someone there to push you forward.

       ♦ This kind of traditional education keeps children on track and helps a lot for a proper assessment of the child.

       ♦ Continuous evaluation is possible. Parents can ask teachers for feedback and guidance.

       ♦ During classes, a study environment is available to the student.

       ♦ A child is able to grasp more by classroom interaction and learning.

       ♦ Generally, this is a more accepted approach towards education as it has been in use for centuries and gives better results.

There are both pros and cons to both the methods of education. Online and offline methods have been employed by many institutions. These institutes generally offer short-term courses in various areas pertaining to the interests of the youth. Other than this, many institutes which provide coaching to students have started offering both online and offline education.

⇒ One of the most common engineering and medical preparation coaching institute is the Aakash Institute. With various branches spread throughout India, it has now started offering online or E-learning platform. You can learn about online education and its process through online courses with certificates.

A leading brand in the various coaching institutes, it offers both online as well as offline courses to its students. Students can, therefore, choose any program that is well suited for their study pattern and pocket. Many integrated college courses are offered for students who are in 9th till 12th standard. It offers many digital platforms like the Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live. The former helps break free from your local average tuitions and from the constraints of lack of good study material - get Aakash high-quality lectures and material right at your fingertips. The latter lets students go online and get live interactive classes by top Aakash facility at the comfort of sitting home. The "Two Years Aakash Live Integrated Course" for Olympiads, NTSE and Class IX and X is offered for approx 38 thousand. This Aakash Live program nurture student of junior classes through a series of pre-scheduled LIVE online lectures. It trains students to get success in NTSE, Olympiads etc. apart from Board exams. These courses are cheaper than the courses that involve offline education.

⇒ Career Launcher is a well-renowned coaching institute and the go to place for MBA aspirants. Smart CAT Cracker Comprehensive Plus (OnMobile - USB) is an online forum. Smart CAT Cracker Offline is a mobile based preparation program for CAT'16 aspirants. It can be accessed on all Android devices or Chrome browsers.

The Smart CAT Cracker Comprehensive pack includes access to Test Gym Adaptive, Test Series, and books & material and over 240 virtual sessions across 5 modules of Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning (Includes Grammar).

Access is permitted anytime and anywhere. This program gives you the access to the best Faculty of CAT prep. Relevant preparation, as past questions from actual CAT, XAT, IIFT and other exams is discussed.
The price for this program is 25499.

MBA Classic CAT (weekend) This program entails classes on Saturdays and Sundays bundled along with CL’s CAT cracking essentials viz. test series, Test Gym, and study material. The program duration is 8 to 10 months. It is suitable for students in the final year of graduation. The price of this program is 48500 approximately double of the online programs offered.

From the above two examples, it must have become clear that there is a lot of difference when it comes to education and the type of education being offered. Online and offline education, both have few perks and a few downfalls. When choosing between the two, one should think about various factors. Students should go for a program which is better suited for them in the long run. Have a clear mind and then decide.

One of the most important thing in someone life is "Career" and we are fortunate to have enough career counselling platforms but it is hard to have a better career counselling platform where we can get enough information. However, some career counselors can help you too. So always try to reach those career counselors and have a better idea about the career choices.

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