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“Your career is like a garden. It can hold an assortment of life’s energy that yields a bounty for you. You don’t need to grow just one thing in your garden. You do not need to do just one thing in your career.” -Jennifer Ritchie Payette

While writing the last exam of the 10th board, tons of thought were going to my mind, movies, sleeping, food treats, trips, everything was planned in my mind.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’.

But I am not alone in this world, parents, relatives, friends, teachers and everyone else related to me was going to ask me the same question, “What about your future and your career plans?” This was the question that pricked all my dream bubbles of vacation and made me think about my career plans.

Being a 15-year-old teen, I only had a negligible knowledge about streams, courses, and career options. This was the time I needed career counselling. While at school many educational institutes and individuals visited and provided us knowledge about courses and streams. But it was all up to me that which stream I was going to opt for. I analyzed myself and found the conclusion that commerce with maths will be best for me. I was an average student and science was not for me, I had two options left commerce or arts. I consulted my seniors, parents, and career counselling platforms about commerce and arts and found that commerce is something of my interest and I would like to pursue my career in this field. Also, arts was boring for me. So, I opted for commerce along with maths.

Studying commerce in 11th and 12th made me realize that I took a correct decision by opting for commerce. I scored 85.75% in 12th boards which was not much but good enough for an average student like me. History was repeating, I was thinking about partying and vacations but the same question was asked again, “What about your future and career plans?”.

This time things were serious. I realized I was no longer a school kid but all grown up and career planning is something that needs to be taken care of for brighter future.

One of the most important thing in someone life is "Career" and we are fortunate to have enough career counselling platforms but it is hard to have a better career counselling platform where we can get enough information. However, career guidance from career counselors can help you too. So always try to reach those career counselors and have a better idea about the career choices. 

This was the time I needed a genuine career counselling and career guidance. My English teacher acquainted me with a college professor who told me everything about all the options I had in future. Meeting him made me realize that a good counselling from someone can really help you choose a right career. I took advice from many but did what I wanted. I opted  ‘B.Com  Hons’ for my graduation in the University Of Delhi. After completing my graduation I will do ‘M.Com’, from a reputed institute, it is a two-year post-graduate program which focuses on the systematic study of accounting, business, finance, economics, statistics, taxation, marketing and management and therefore it gives insights about all the fields of commerce. Post graduate is always a good option as it opens ways for new career opportunities.  I am looking forward to being a lecturer in future.  Along with this, I will be continuing my Kathak Classes which I have been doing since I was 12 from a reputed national dance academy. I traveled various places for dance which included 100 years of Bihar and Common Wealth Games 2010. Because in this time it is necessary to be multitalented.

Have you ever tried any career counselling platform? We make sure it would help you a lot in choosing the right career.

After completing my 1st year of graduation, I have started learning the French language, more and more knowledge is always good for future. Learning a foreign language has built up confidence and uniqueness in me. Also, I am an important part of various societies in my college. I was a part of ‘Fashion Society’ and ‘Arts & Culture Society’ in the first year. Fashion society helped me groom my personality and boost up my confidence. I choreographed and performed several times representing the arts & culture society. While doing all this I conquered my stage fear and found a creative self in me. Currently, I am a part of the Commerce Society of my college which taught me management, leadership and organizing skills. Working with the commerce society improved my marketing skills. I am also a part of society which has the motto of social service where I learned how to be happy by helping others. This society helps the underprivileged and needy.

All these years has taught me that along with education you should be a part of different activities which develops your overall personality. Learning new things helps you build a better future.

‘Feeling confident – or pretending that you feel confident – is necessary to reach for opportunities. It’s a cliché, but opportunities are rarely offered; they’re seized.’

I learned that one should not take decisions in a hurry, patience, and sensible thinking  is necessary to take important decisions. I always feel happy for whatever career decision I have taken in my life as everything was perfectly planned and implemented just because of a right career counseling.

Career Counselling Platforms can help a lot. They give enough information about the career so use them as much as possible.Career Counselling Platforms can help a lot. They give enough information about the career so use them as much as possible and career counselling platforms are freely available and we just need to explore them.

The Experience is shared by Disha Gupta, a B.Com Hons Student from a Delhi University College. 

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