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In one simple way, I can describe the difference between Facebook and Google+ is that while Facebook helps you keep in touch with the people you already know and Google+ helps you get in touch with the people you want to know in future. Both are among the top networking sites and social networking apps. You land on Facebook to find out what’s happening in your friend’s lives. For me, it has done a good job of reconnecting me to the old friends and letting me know what's going on in the world.

Where Google+, is the social networking sites to go when you are interested in sharing your thoughts and ideas, commenting on the events, or learning and sharing the knowledge about education, science, sports, hobbies, entertainment or the arts in different communities and your own posts you share. Google+ is all about your interests which you don't necessarily share with your old pals or colleagues.

“I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.”

When it comes to explaining all of the different social networking sites then we can describe them as:

Facebook- Network for the Friends and Family

Twitter- Network of the Strangers

LinkedIn- Your Professional Network

Google+- A Collaboration of all of the above

People compare Facebook and Google. Obviously, there were some major differences; Google is a search engine, Facebook is a social network. However, now Google has entered the picture of social networking sites with Google+. Facebook and Google+ have a few similarities and now people are asking where they should spend their time now. The answer is quite easy - spend your time where you will get the value. Everyone is looking to get the crown of the best social networking site and they are trying to survive and differentiate and the battle is going on.

Well, there are some striking differences between Google + and Facebook and we are trying to note them down you can judge which one is better?

 1. Circles or Friends

One of the major differences in the Google+ and Facebook is Circles and Friends. And this is the feature which really favors the Google +. It gives freshness to people who want their things sorted out. Even there is an option in Facebook as lists but which is not as attractive as circles.

When it comes down to social networking sites just sort those you follow into the circles and it gives you the ability to make who and what you see on your feed as well as who you can send the notifications to and share the content with. It adds a little extra to the friends management which more closely reflects how you are likely to interact with the people you know rather than presume you want everyone to know everything. For the businesses this gives a great way of targeting the specific users with different content – for example, One can share industry news with your colleagues rather than your customers, or if you want to share specific offers and promotions with different locations – you can create a circle which represents that and share the content  with them only.

2. Hangouts

Hangouts is way which can be used not only for the instant messaging but also can be used for video chat for up to 10 people at a time, the results of which can be saved for the future reference or uploaded to the YouTube. It is a great way to connect with your friends, but it’s great for the businesses who want to host hangouts with the industry professionals, experts and the customers – a very cheap and sustainable part of a wider content strategy and media marketing. Again Google plus wins in the race and Facebook even provides the video chat and instant messaging but interface in the Google Plus is better than Facebook.

3. Less Obtrusive Advertising

If someone hates intrusive advertising, Facebook’s constant insistence on creating more and more ways for improving the businesses to bridge users is a bit irritating to the user by the social media marketing. At this moment Google plus doesn’t force advertiser’s messages into every inch of screen. The value in Facebook advertising is to engage more and more people – but now, using Google’s own AdWords service now you can target Google Plus users, just through text or display advertisements across the network, rather than in Google Plus feeds.

4. Image Zoom

It can sound like a very small feature, however, the higher resolution and the larger images as the mobile devices can take the images to be proud of has really meant that sometimes the standard is not really good enough. If you upload a big image or an infographic you can zoom in and look at the image in its entire splendor. No Such feature is introduced by Facebook. So again there is a +1 for Google here which is providing an enriching experience to the user by its image zoom feature.

5. Animated Images  and Videos ?

When animated gifs were introduced to Google Plus feeds it first seemed like a really strange step, but the animated images are creating buzz. So now people use it more “generally” it creates a richer and nicer experience. With this feature and the added image zoom it is really helping in establishing Google Plus as a much more visual, dynamic and diverse network for the media sharing – not forgetting that Google’s ownership of the YouTube is creating a very close link here too!

Facebook is giving its new feature which is Video Posts which are embedded in the news feed is competing the animated Gifs in giving it a really tough competition. Here Facebook took over the game. Facebook’s videos are really interacting and they take very little time to play and are really very interacting in nature.

6. +1s and Likes

Now Everyone is used to seeing “Like” or “Tweet” buttons everywhere; usually, Google Plus’ “+1” buttons can be now seen alongside them on the web. However, Google Plus’ collaboration into the overall web is becoming far deeper than any other social network present and that is because of the one thing and that is Google.

If you just search the web signed into a Google account (which are always growing in number) +1s help to contribute to your own personalised search results and it ultimately enables Google to serve you more and more relevant search results, not only as part of the main search, but for the play store, music, the news feed within Google Plus itself, and just about any other of the Google service.

The plug in used by the various websites for the Facebook also helps it to make the newsfeed more and more relevant to the matter of interest and Facebook’s algorithm are really very strong and the content shown on the Facebook is quite relevant to the likes you have done.

7.  Looks

There was an update recently which really set Google Plus aside from everyone and it has really transformed it into the most “modern” looking social network presently. When we compare it with the Facebook’s relatively tired-looking interface, it is a breath of fresh air. Although the final call depends as much on the personal taste of anything. So these are the few differences which are present in the Google Plus and Facebook. Both are the great players in their related field and are in tough competition with each other. Both are trying to make a smooth and best interface for the user and enriching user’s experience. But in the end, it’s the user who decides which one is better according to their taste, preferences, and choices.

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