Tips to Instantly Build Confidence

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The perception of yourself has an enormous impact on how others perceive you, perception is a reality the more self-confidence you have, the more likely it is you’ll succeed in whatever you do. Self-confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wits. The factors affecting self-confidence are beyond our control and there are a number of things, you can consciously do to build self-confidence.

Quick tips to build  Self Confidence

♦ Sharp Dressing. Clothes certainly affect the way, Although clothes don’t make the man. Everyone is more conscious of their physical appearance and when you don’t look good, it changes the way you interact with other people and it totally changes the way you carry yourself.

Inhale Confidence. Exhale Doubt

♦ Walk fast. To tell a person how he feels about himself/herself is better to examine their walk whether he is slow, feeling tired or painful. People who possess strong confidence tend to walk confidently and fast.

♦ Maintain good posture. One should maintain a good posture because the way a person carries himself/herself tells a lot about them. A person with slumped shoulders and lethargic movements shows that they are lacking in self-confidence. If you practice good posture, you will feel confident automatically and you’ll start to make a good impression on other.

♦ Create a Personal Commercial.  One can build confidence by listening to a speech which motivates people, but there are only a few opportunities to listen to a great speaker. Create a personal commercial and write a 30-60 seconds speech which will highlight your strength and goals.

♦ Gratitude. The mind starts creating reasons when you focus too much on what you want when you can’t have that particular thing which in turn might lead you to dwell on your weakness.

♦ Compliment people.  We often project when we think negatively about ourselves that feeling onto others in the form of gossips and insults. One should start to complement other people to break the thinking of negativity and avoids the habit of backstabbing gossip.

♦ Sitting in the front row. Most of the people constantly strive to sit at the back whether it is at school, offices or public assemblies. They are scared of getting noticed so they prefer to stay at the back, which reflects a lack of confidence. If you sit in the front row, it’ll help you to get over with irrational fear and thereby building self-confidence.

♦ Try to speak up. Most of the people don’t speak up in fear of that people will judge them if they make mistake especially during group discussions.  This fear of not speaking up is not really justified.  If you make an effort to speak up at least once in a group discussion, it’ll help you to become a better public servant and build more confidence in your thinking.

♦ Working out.  To improve your personal appearance, physical fitness has a dramatic effect on self-confidence. You feel uncomfortable, less energetic and unattractive if you’re not in shape. So to improve your physical appearance, you need to work out and energize yourself.

Once you have mastered enough confidence in your life, This is not the end. You need to work constantly to improve and maintain confidence.

Be prepared, when you feel that your confidence is about to anticipate in a situation that may cause you to doubt yourself. Try some tips that may keep you from heading down the path of least effectiveness which may lead you to feel insecure and lower your overall self-esteem.  Although there are many suggestions to improve confidence in the moment, that’s the point. Instead of going into a spiral of negative thinking, you need to take control and lift or maintain your mood to get you through this experience, overall your self-esteem remains intact or increases.

Quick Tips to improve confidence

♦ Dress to Impress.  I recently read an article by a woman who has suffered from severe depression and mentioned that she got out of bed was to take pride in her appearance.Grooming, picking out a nice outfit rather a pressed shirt and slacks, and putting effort into her appearance, which helps her to perk up.

♦ Validate Yourself. I felt a pinch of insecurity in a room full of medical doctors, Ph.D.’s and others who held degrees higher than my own. I chose to be real Rather than harping on the negative. I was in the conference room for the same reason as them to learn.   I was there because others believed in me and I earned it. I also reminded myself what unique gifts which I brought to the room and how each of us brought something different from various backgrounds.

♦ Tackle the Lingering To-Do List.  First, pick a task that you have been dreading, calling your accountant and checking in on your credit card rate, or making a payment something that has been lingering on your to-do list and you have been putting off. You should take control of a situation that can affect your livelihood which is an immediate relief and act of self-respect.

♦ Do Something Kind For Your Body. If you have five extra minutes, make yourself a healthy breakfast rather than hitting up the coffee shop or fast food joint. If you got more time in the afternoon, go for a walk or a quick workout. If you feel like you already are fudged, it’s never too late to spend a little healthy time on yourself, instead of grabbing that sugary Starbucks creation later in the day, grab a good-for-you green juice.

♦ Research.  If you are interested in a particular topic, get savvier on it. This is not only a distraction tool to help you from heading down the insecurity path, but it can push you into knowing more about something of value. The more you know, the better you feel, whether you are looking up new movies that come out this weekend or are interested in learning more about organic eating, a travel destination, or whatever topic tickles you, get online and start searching.







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