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Have you ever thought of being a blogger? If YES, then do you know what it takes to be a blogger? Come, let’s find it out!

What do you think? What does a blogger do? Is it a passion or merely a job? I will explain to you what it really means & steps to create a blog. Blogging has hastily become one of the most popular ways of publicizing and widening information and news.

There are literally millions of blogs. It’s a great move to explicit yourself and also a fantastic way to share information with others. You become a better person and a better writer. The best reason? You can make money doing it! I bet you already knew all of that, but it’s nice to be cautioned.

I never thought of blogging.

“Do not address your readers as though they were gathered together in a stadium. When people read your copy, they are alone. Pretend you are writing to each of them a letter on behalf of your client.” -David Ogilvy

Because I never knew I could write anything.

But the day I started writing, it was an amazing feeling. And back to back, I wrote 4 blogs which I never thought was my cup of tea.

I get startled when I speak to bloggers who don’t read other blogs. I believe that you should write the blog you want to read and if you don’t know what blogs you like to read, how do you know what to write? How to start a blog? How can I be a blogger then? I’m not saying you should ever copy a blog but blogs can be a great origination of inspiration.I read blogs on different topics. I get to learn something inexperienced from each blog I read and, while it might be time-consuming, but it's part of the creative development.

Blogging is a new industry and people are meddling as to how bloggers earn a living and exactly what it is you do all day. There are few blogging tips and tricks for beginners which help a big time.

I love it when people are interested in blogging and ask me about my experiences. Being a blogger, you should be flexible with your thoughts because this world is dynamic in nature and everyday things are changing and so you need to know about this change.

You can become a successful blogger and attract as many people as you want to read your blogs. But for this, you need to analyze few things. You need to know your area of interest.

So, Find Your Nook.

Target your blog on a unique blend and make sure your subject is one that you’re both desirous about and feel you could write millions of posts on.

Not sure what your blog’s main affair should be? Think about: Your hobbies, topics you like to talk about and debate with others, and subject you love reading and researching.

Once you’ve decided on your blog’s theme, stick to it. Consistency is the key to getting the audience you’ve already attracted to keep coming back for your great content.

Speaking of enormous content, what makes posts likable and more likely to be shared? Generally speaking, great posts answer a question, solve a problem, and make readers laugh, or make them cry (in a good way). There are few quick steps to create a blog.

Also, no matter how long or short a post is, format it so readers can quickly scan the content by using

If you can frame a habit of writing every day, it’s awesome.

The more useful content you have out there, the better your chances of readers finding your blog. Some bloggers find it difficult to write every day, so they aim to post often and regularly so readers will keep coming back for more and you can build a loyal audience base.

You need to Write Catchy Headlines. Writing tempting headlines is an art for a blogger. Just make sure if your headline promises a lot, the post itself fulfills that promise. Your Blog Should Be Google Friendly.

Now, what does that mean?

Have you ever heard the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, before? Even with Google digital marketing course, Google is also focusing on this new area. It essentially means writing your blog in a way that makes it more feasible to show up in search results. But you don't get crazy. Laid on the line, rules change all the time, and it’s probably not worth changing your content every time. Just know them through digital marketing classes in Noida.

Google does an algorithm change that affects search engine rankings.

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF) recommends you:

You Need To Be A Great Writer To Stand Out Of All The Existing Bloggers.

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” — Napoleon Hill

I would suggest you all, just take a chance with yourself and start writing.

One day I sat and thought about where I started as a blogger and where I am present. To be precise, I would have thought I’d given up by now. There is a lot that I’ve done and felt like “wow that was easy’’.

Why do we give up so easily is because our situation doesn’t match with our expectations?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw

If you're lethargic and awful, don't wait life to be wonderful. You're doing nothing to fix the situation, so don't wait for a miracle. If you're hard working and disciplined, you will achieve all that your heart greed for, so long as you don't limit or discourage yourself.

Showing up is not sufficient. Make an impact. Leave a mark. Show your most marvelous work. Make a heroic challenge to pursue what you really want.

Don’t expect total acceptance of your ideas, prepare to be pushed, but don’t fall.

A person is recognized by his/her deeds, not always by name. Make yourself, break yourself but never GIVE UP on yourself. Life gives you chances but it is upon you, how you manage to grab that opportunity. It is not easy to answer how to make money with a blog, it takes time.

I have experienced many failures in life, but none of them actually broke me. I made me stronger. And so, now I AM A BLOGGER, Oh yes I am! The foremost thing about any journey is the tenacity to get back up and continue. There are bags of stories about entrepreneurs who failed multiple times but still pursued their dreams in the midst of the floundering blocks.

What is deterring you from trying out one of the various ideas in your notepad? Don’t fear to fail, if you are failing, fail fast and move on but whatever happens, don’t give up on the bigger dream.

‘Don’t dare to be different, dare to be yourself. If that doesn’t make you different then something is wrong.’  

Give yourself the acknowledgment to think and act. Choose to do your most stunning work without anyone’s approval. Choose yourself today!

You will engulf at most things in the beginning. This is how you make money through blogging, it takes time, endurance, and tolerance to create anything lucrative. Keep on trying and to achieve your dreams in life.

Keep Blogging!             

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