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Time management is equally important in blog writing with all other factors. As we have to maintain the quality of the content and also matching up to the expectations of readers, we need time management which is effective and easy to follow. This includes different decisions, choices, communication and many other factors. Be a problogger with effective time management. It is not difficult to be a problogger you just need to know some techniques.

♦ We have to maintain journals for an immediate writing of our ideas. This means we should always be ready for jotting our ideas so that while writing a blog we can easily collect all our views and brainstorming ideas without wasting our time.

Time and Blogs are the two most important elements for a blogger.

Also, it is like grasping ideas when it is almost unexpected. Effective tip: Maintain an excel sheet. The first step in the journey of becoming a blogger.

♦ After collection of all the ideas & views in mind, it’s time to prepare a layout for the blog which shows what is going to be written.
This outline or layout helps to modify the ideas & reflects the need of add-on. For making or creating a convincing and effective blog we can also connect or merge different ideas & material which is collected randomly.

♦ Writing can’t be done in one day but it is a task of daily practice. Making habit of writing in our daily routine helps out a lot in time-saving and also this makes our blog clear and precise. By giving a bit of time to blog on routine basis avoid fumbles of the content. Some persons are not happy to do repetitive work but for the writing, it’s quite important to build the habit of following the routine. Habit is difficult to be built but it is equally true that once it is made it is beneficial as well as hard to break it. You can be a problogger from a blogger only through practice.

♦ Try to avoid all the distractions around you. For an effective mindset try to avoid all the other task which may distract you from the writing. Focussing on one thing is mandatory. When any kind of unwanted activity indulges it results in time wasted.

♦ All the factors or contents can’t be given equal importance. At the end it is not beneficial, so the selection of the main or important things is most important. When priority is given to a selected thing it saves time as well as it gives an effective and desirable result. To avoid complications it is necessary to prioritize the things. First thing should be put first, be clear about this in your head.

Time management is done for making blog precise, effective and clear. For this, different strategies are made to improve time management skills. We have to find out different types of tips which help us to be more attentive towards our routines and habits in our work life and how we can ease it more and more.

♦ Initiating routines for priority tasks which are to be practiced in daily life. Revising planner daily helps us to sort out the important and other tasks which are to be done in a whole day. This will help to differentiate between “to do’s” and “to not to do” tasks. We can also divide our planner in this category which will be easier.

♦ Positive feedback increases our motivation as well as self-confidence. This will make us feel good as well as motivate for further writing. Not only does it make you feel good but also planned things will come into actions, which will improve each writing dramatically as well as creatively also. Allow space for comment section in your blog

♦ If an approaching planner page or screen is hidden from our sight, place a bookmark or note on current deadline which is going to be approached. For this, we have to avoid the “out of sight out of mind” factor. This habit put us under stress and creates complications to meet the deadlines.

♦ Linking the transitions from one day to another, makes it’s more productive and easier. This is done by developing or maintaining the closing task and starting the task of each work day. Setting the next day priority task before one day is more efficient and productive.

♦ Planning and organizing are the main factors of management, organizing our field area or place in such a manner so each and every thing which we do or use should be clearly visible and affordable. The things which we use continuously must be in reach. Avoid all kind of irrelevant factors and unwanted barriers.

♦ For writing and maintaining the effectiveness of the blog, we need contents or can say material for collecting our views; this can be done by maintaining regularity on our routine and repetitive tasks which include checking emails, writing articles etc.

♦ Practice stress relieving activities, which leads to reducing anxiety and other stress. This will make our memory free and refresh. A fresh mind is always a key to a new piece of writing which is fresh and clear in the contents.

If you have a flair for writing you can become a blogger and if you manage your time effectively and practice the above techniques you can be a problogger one day!

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