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Corporate Training of employees has become a part of organization’s rule book.  Training has become essential for every employee. Every employee is well aware that he needs to undergo certain training during his job tenure and every organization realizes the importance of training for their employees.

Training has “ payback value “ attached to it. It keeps the employees motivated to perform to the best of their abilities. It keeps them well run in the organization. It provides a competitive edge to the organization. Training programs keep employees and organizations ahead of time.So, on the whole, it benefits the organization as well as employees of the organization and keep the employees satisfied and happy and organization in the profits.

When things turn upside down for the organization, an organization gets clench in financial difficulty, often corporate training is the first thing to go for.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

Is this the only solution left for the organizations? Well, yes. Organizations resort to corporate training as a solution because the reason organization is lagging behind is due to underperformance by their employees and not delivering the results as per the standard. In this case, training of employees can do wonders. Skill training can be given to employees for better performance. Employees will gain from training. So it is always a good option to tackle problems with a training session. If not, then look for other options as well.

Employees need to be efficient, productive and adaptable, and for all these to happen you need skills like:

Critical thinking and problem-solving: The ability to think critically in situations, understanding the various criteria involved and an eye for problem-solving is required by the employees

Communication: half of the problems arises from miscommunication and most of them get solved through effective communication

Collaboration: You need to collaborate with other staff members, organizations, international ventures which require skillfulness. If you are lacking on skills go for skill training. 

Creativity and Innovation:  Now employees need to be creative and innovative instead of just being knowledgeable.

Reasons for employee training

1. Succession Planning: Ongoing employee training provides backup for supports succession planning. The training program makes you capable of securing a higher position in future.  It leads to less irreplaceable employees. Increases talent pool. Employees are trained for skills such as leadership, strategic decision making, effective people management.

2. Employee value:  Increasing employee value. Training serves dual purposes. It is used either for up skill or multi- skill. Up skill involves extending employee knowledge base of an existing skill by providing more information. Multi –skill involves training of employees in the new area to increase their usability in the organization.

3. Reduce attrition rates: Investing in training reduce attrition rates. Training employees provide them with upgraded skills and show them career pathways for employees making retention in the organization rather seeking job opportunities elsewhere.

4. Enhance operational efficiency: Training your employees to increase their efficiency and speed in completing their daily workload.  Training makes adherence to organizational goals easy, completion of the projects more productive, meeting the outcomes. 

5. Industry standards: Train your employees in industry’s best practices. Make your organization number one in the industry and give your competitors run for their money. Build reputation. Many businesses are forced to operate in saturated markets because they do not have employee training

Training is a never-ending cycle. Organizations keep repeating this process when they reap benefits out of this training. It’s not a one-time process. Companies are good at making sure the new hires are given proper ongoing training to get things moving and employees absorb themselves to the setting.

Benefits of ongoing training and development to the employees:

Touch with latest technology developments: Technological advancements are happening all the time. Organizations ahs to adopt this new technology.  Employees benefit from regular training and become comfortable with the technology and its use. Training through IT support is the best for technology

Stay ahead of competitors: Want to stay ahead of competitors? Train your employees so they are constantly advancing and your business is moving forward. Standing stagnant at one place means no growth and kill your business.

♦ Weaknesses and skill gaps: Fill in the skill gaps and weaknesses through regular training of employees.  Early identification will lead to less loss and employees will get timely training

♦ Maintain knowledge: Training provided to new entries in the job, existing employees help in maintaining the knowledge and retaining it. Refresh it at proper intervals

♦ Advanced skills:  Organizations spending on basic skills can build on advanced skills at any time. This will bring more to the table by the employees

♦ The incentive to learn: Learning never ends. Training provides an incentive to learn, participate in a session, interactions. It leads to development pathways.

♦ Increase job satisfaction: Training gives higher job satisfaction, motivate employees to retain their positions in business. It prevents competitors from taking away your best employees, the greatest asset

♦ Internal Promotion Opportunities: Training is a good way for employees to attain higher level within an organization through promotions. Recruiting leads to higher costs. Existing employees have the knowledge and skills and are the people you trust.

♦ Attract new talent:  Training attracts better talent from outside and retention of existing employees. It gives business a good image.  A key feature when people search for jobs.

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