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On a day to day basis when a doctor attends his patients he just gives them scribbled pieces of paper with a warm heart and a fat fee receipts.

But what about the part which follows next?

Well, sometimes it results in false disease treatments because the medicines your chemist gave you were totally different from the prescription, which in turn involves traveling to your nearest or far away from a medical store in an ill condition and sometimes bargaining with the chemist because he’s been providing with overpriced drugs.

So one day a Delhi-based Doctor with a warm heart and a vision decided to curb the disease of all these troubles along with their diseases and hence developed a first class online medicine service for patients with chronic diseases and people seeking healthcare.

When you believe in your dream and your vision, then it begins to attract its own resources. No one was born to be a failure. -Myles Munroe

Dr. Pritesh Maheshwari who is a  Pediatric Surgeon at CNBC Hospital, Delhi with his team of talented medicine practitioners founded Dialmedicines a one call solution for patients with chronic diseases and the ones looking for good healthcare products at cheaper prices.

It is a startup to provide a better and healthier solutions to medicine care for chronic patients or a layman who has to put up with the struggle of expensive and overpriced healthcare on a day to day basis also saving the older folks the pain to get to several shops for the right medicines.

Dialmedicines is a breakthrough in the E-commerce industry for healthcare. It is the only website of its kind providing the 24x7 helpline for its customers with generic and 100% genuine medicines at cheaper cost and convenience.

A venture where people could literally call and get the best price drug in town. He (Dr. Pritesh) wanted to have a startup where people could get medicines just sitting at their homes by ordering it online or over a call for the less tech-savvy generation.

It initially involved a lot of research as they had to meet people and get to know about their problems related to the availability of medicines. Dr. Pritesh & his team met doctors at different hospitals. They shared their knowledge and vision to help needy. His team collected database of customers by the full-fledged support of doctors.

They were shocked to know how many people were facing problems with getting inappropriate drugs as per their health conditions which led to the growth of other symptoms and conditions. doctors as Dr. Pritesh’s being a brand new vision and concept with better ways to offer health care to the needy who were never looked upon as they will be now due to this incredible insight on medicines on which the foundation of Dialmedicines stands.

Dialmedicines is a brand new concept. It has the vision to provide healthcare to the needy. Dr. Pritesh and his team care for people who were never looked upon. This initiative of Dialmedicines stands on the foundation of incredible insight for providing medicines.

At first Dr. Pritesh had decided it to be just an on-a-dial service means making no investment in the online business because his service was literally for old age people and the ones with chronic conditions who could just dial and get their meds, his objective was to beat the profit of the regular chemists but sooner he realized the need for an online venture as to grow the digital market because we are living in the “smart generation” as they call it.

The entire startup mantra of selling medicines over phone fully came into action when, Business consultant and a B.pharm graduate himself Mr. Deepak Goel, a friend to Dr Pritesh who consults and advises people in building their visions through digital marketing decided to give him some serious tips on management skills and business development and that’s when vision met technology and Dr. Pritesh finally designed the idea into an online website and company and thus laid the complete foundation of Dialmedicines.

As the name suggests Dial to get your correct medicines at your doorsteps, sounds easy? Well easy or difficult, this is just the start up and all in today’s world depends on upon customer satisfaction and services and with such intent Dialmedicines has successfully laid down its brick in the wall of healthcare and pharmacy.

To Know what happened further. Check here.


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