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Chatur Ideas is one of its kinds of a venture, where everyone who comes into contact with them becomes a “Chatur” as well. It’s a one-stop destination for all the budding start-ups with a 360-degree support in all the spheres.

The idea of Chatur Ideas came when Mr. Devesh Chawla wanted to start his own start-up many years back. But back then, that idea wasn’t termed feasible and he had to face many difficulties and hurdles. Such hardship made him feel demotivated and he continued with his stint as a Private Banker at Client Associates. He continued working & one day he saw a start-up named Ola, which was what he had planned to do a few years back.

This thing made him feel that there is something lacking in this start-up environment which might be acting as a deterrent to many young and vibrant ideas like his.

It's easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you two years ago, but will soon be out of date." Roger Von Oech

So, this is how Chatur Ideas was born. He saw it that there was the rage of start-ups in the ecosystem. Armed with a degree in engineering in computers and an MBA in Finance he launched Chatur Ideas in 2015.



Chatur Ideas is a one stop solution for entrepreneurs Pan India. It is a platform for Entrepreneurs, Investors & Mentors. Currently, they have 500 start-ups under their wings, to which they provide unfathomable mentoring, guidance and execution support. They have a strong Mentor Panel in India that hail from various industries with intense domain expertise and strong network which they leverage so that the entrepreneurs can be at the right place at the right time.  They work with start-ups very closely and provide all possible guidance right from scratch to success. As per their vision to support the Entrepreneurship Breed, Mr. Devesh Chawla, our Founder and CEO built a strong network with investors which consist of VC’s, Angel investors & ultra HNI who invest in start-ups and provide them all possible funding support and fundraising. He made this company a complete helping hand for start-ups and is like a fairy godmother raising a ray of hope for every aspiring Entrepreneur. It helps one and every Chatur start up from losing its marbles.

Mr. DeveshChawla is a mentor and an investor himself. He has mentored a lot of start-ups and also invested in many of them.  A few from the lot are Catapooolt, Strike, Gamooz, Maax Market, Hubilo and more. He helps these start-ups with Execution, Market Validation, Piloting, Market Avenues, Team Execution and Technology, among others.

He also runs Entrepreneurship programs with one of the mentors, Mr. Ajeet Khurana, Ex-CEO of IIT incubation center SiNE. Chatur Ideas is also a Knowledge partner of Jamnalal Bajaj, NMIMS, SP Jain, IIT Bombay, VJTI, Symbiosis and many more. He has been invited to various events to judge the start-ups. He has been invited to speak on many occasions by leading institutions. He was invited at StartAP (in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Govt.) to speak on their panel on start-ups and funding & be on their Jury panel. He was also invited by Startup Network ( the company based in Singapore)for their India tour in Nagpur, Hyderabad & Kolkata where he was invited as a panelist & on the jury panel to judge the start-ups. He was also on the jury panel of TieCon 2016. He is also on the jury panel of Eureka which is Asia’s largest business plan completion held at IIT Bombay. He is on the Mentor & Investor panel of Catapooolt which is India’s largest crowdfunding platform.

" We are Glad to see NMIMS, our alma mater where Chatur Ideas is a Knowledge partner"  Deepak Goel from Edu4Sure Team

Chatur Ideas walks beside an idealistic person hand in hand to glorify it into a face of enterprise, like a toddler growing up to a victorious person.

Looking forward, Chatur Ideas is creating a forum wherein entrepreneurs from different walks of life will get to meet and connect with each other & build a strong entrepreneur community.

In a recent survey, India has been ranked as the 5th country with the most number of start-ups. With such a vibrant outlook and such an enormous support from the Government, the startup days in India has just started. The start-ups in India are currently getting a tax exemption for 3 years to start with and many more yet to come. Many of the states are also coming up with their rules and regulations to motivate the entrepreneurs. So, entrepreneurs are you ready for your Chatur journey?

Thanks to Share your idea which might help others. We wish ChaturIdeas.com a great success!

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