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A father-daughter relationship is one of the most ponderous relationships in this whole world.

I’ve been astonishingly fortunate, and sometimes, I stupor what I ever did to get all of the blessings in my life, the beautiful, strong bond I have with my father being just one of many.


Throughout my life, my father has been a calm, loving presence, supporting and teaching me through my trials and adversities, sharing in my triumphs, and being a glistening example of how a man should act at all times and in all situations.


 I have adoring flashbacks of driving my car besides my father, a badminton game with him, shopping with him, having tea or coffee with him and much more.

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry. -William Shakespeare


When we hear the word “hero,” it usually brings up images of superman (or woman) with super powers, but when I hear that word, in my mind’s eye, I see my father.

Papa, you’re my hero. I love you.


There were times in my life when I gave up on myself, but YOU, YOU never gave up.

You trusted me and today, whatever I am, it is all because of you.

‘Thank you’ would be a small word to tell you that your support was always like a lifeguard to me and at times, I didn’t deserve to get so much  love and backing from you.


Papa, you have influenced my life in a tremendous way.

When this whole world was not with me, I knew I could count on you. We are more like friends I know.


And I know this too


- To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.


The reason a daughter has behind trusting her father is that she knows there is at least one man in the world that will never hurt her.


What is the parent-child relationship definition? The one who has always been a constant support to me and my career, the man behind My Success, the person who has worked hard for last 30 years, sacrificing all his dreams…is no one, but MY PAPA.

Happy Father’s Day Papa. You are just incredible. All of us (family) loves you a lot and I Love You to the moon and back.


What Deepak Goel Says on this Special Day!

We all have a different relationship with our father.  If I try to categorize, there are mainly three types:

  1. Those who take their father in all their decisions or at least discuss with him to go on with their decision.
  2. Those who discuss with their father to get approval and then take their decision themselves.
  3. Those who go with their decision and then tell their father or sometimes don’t even tell.

I fall into the third category. I have been a kind of a person who was too independent and honestly, it is not really right at certain times.

At a certain point, you need someone to discuss things with and a relation by birth is mostly trustworthy to rely on.

Keeping it short, I would like to thank my father for letting me be independent in all my decisions, supporting me with all the tough decisions like preparing for Medical entrance!

I even failed miserably but he allowed me to look for other options. I chose pharmacy but later, to earn money faster, I moved to MBA.

I had cleared government exams to join SBI with which my father was already working and it was a proud moment for him when I was selected as a probationary officer in SBI. 

He said “You would be at my level in next 2 years. What I got in 25 years, you may get in 5 years”. 

Still, I declined the offer and chose to go for MBA. Even after MBA, I quit my job after 2 years of world class MNCs and started my venture from the drawing room.

He asked me to think again but it was his trust that he never really stopped me.

Today, I am glad that I gave him some moments of honor like the one when I was asked to speak at an International conference where I was the youngest speaker. 

Taking him to some events of government and private institutes has been an amazing moment. Today, I realize that I should have been in the second type (as mentioned above) where I could keep my family involved in my decisions rather having an independent approach to life.

In the end, I would say that he has saved more of his share to serve his family in the best manner. We have never gone through parent-child relationship problems.

He is great at heart and I believe that at some point in time, I have clearly experienced his affection and care. I am glad I realized it soon. J Also, I am happy to do my share though my best is yet to be revealed.

I wish him more of happiness and joy which he truly deserves. I thank god for making me realize how special he is!

Happy Father’s day to you PaaJ

You have taught me: How to struggle, how to unconditionally love and most importantly, how to be a good person and never try out the wrong ways of doing things.

What I expect to become now is a little more dependent on my family with my decisions.  :-) 


What TanishaSondhi Says on this Special Day !

For every child, their father is a superhero. Each child loves their father and respects him the most.


It's said that a son wants to or should be like his father. However, a girl can also be like her father.

I wish to be like my father. He is an ideal and a superhero for me in every manner.

He supports me in my bad and is always there for me when I need him. I am inspired by him in every way. 

He stands like a shield protecting me from problems and difficulties. I admire him like no one else. 

A father is a person who loves his child the most, no matter what. A father is his daughter's first love.

He always wants to see his children happy and successful. He is there with his child in every single way to help him achieve  success.


My father is the best. I love him a lot and on this day, I would love to thank him for everything he has done for me.

All his moral values, support, unconditional love, sacrifices, and teachings would never go waste. I can never thank him enough for the troubles he has had because of me. I promise to make him proud. 

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