Balancing board and IIT JEE preparations

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This is the article for those who find it difficult manage time between the two. So, needless to say, managing both of them is quite a task! Generally, students find it very difficult and confusing to balance between the two. Being an average student at my school, I was in a big dilemma too. My guides never let me lose hope and made sure that I stood focused and calm.

Giving your time to JEE preparation? Stay focused! Studying for your board exams? Stay focused!

This is something that every other person might say to you but let me tell you, this is the fact and it won’t be fair enough if you just mug up the concepts and expect to get a good score in JEE.

The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting. -Walt Disney,

It requires immense practice, in-depth study of the subjects and learning to apply the concepts to the problems. It is harder in the beginning but once you are determined about maintaining equilibrium between the two, nothing can stop you. It is all about having a positive approach and contentment.

Going by the complexity of the exam and the immense pressure to clear the exam and people telling you about how tough it can be to clear, I made up mind to just practice for JEE. Yes, I was wrong, Board exams are equally important and require enough practice, in –depth and regular study as the above one. Just think of a situation, In case you managed to clear the JEE but received a setback at boards? Don’t get scared. The point is both are at the same level and both require equal time and your equal efforts, certain up and down and a bent towards JEE maybe is exceptional and will do. Maintain the balance between both the exams and clearing both should be your aim as of now.

♦ Video Lectures

You fail when you think that you will. Do not lose hope or think about failure without trying and giving your best. Such thoughts would only make you depressed. Do you find it difficult to understand the concepts in the coaching classes? Just go through certain video lectures available online and you would realize that understanding concept is easier with the video lectures. Coaching class studies may be boring at times but such video lectures will never let our interest level to drop. Video lectures will save you from traveling and managing coaching classes. It becomes tiresome to attend long hour coaching for both the exams. You can attend video lectures for JEE and coaching for boards.

Certain benefits of the video lectures are:       
Students can see the videos an unlimited number of times and store them for future reference. It makes practice and revision easier.

These lectures have the ability to clear concepts and make the most boring topic easily understandable.

As the lectures are delivered by JEE experts and can be viewed multiple times, it acts as a personalized tutor that is with you 24/7.

Studying for the entire day sitting at the same place becomes tedious and boring. Video lectures break that tedium. It acts as the best recreational activity.

Video Lectures are generally the most affordable option for IIT JEE Preparation.       

It helps devote an equal amount of time for all the subjects and thus, help in maintaining equilibrium.

Do not be anti-social. Interact with people in your break time. Take regular breaks and try changing your study pattern if you get bored with the previous one. Do not take the stress, It will never help.

Video lectures provide customization. You can learn from the tutor you feel comfortable, or you find the style easy from the available options. You always have the liberty to pause, forward the lectures as you go and study at your own pace.

♦ Study Plan

A proper study plan for both, Board exams and JEE will help you manage time. Do not hesitate in taking some time to prepare the plan because it can majorly help you in time management in order to deal with both of the exams properly! Ensure that you give extra time to the important topics. Additionally, take JEE mock tests to know your level of preparation. These sample tests help you have an idea about where you stand just before the exam.

♦ Time Slot: Divide your 24 hour in such a way that you can prepare for both JEE and Boards. Assess the number of hours to be given for the JEE preparation and for the Board preparation. Try to cover topic in the given time schedule. As mathematics, physics, chemistry subjects of boards and JEE are similar in nature. This can be covered side by side and you will prepare for both. JEE requires some extra practice, take out few more hours to practice more.

I hope that was useful for you. smiley




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