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Have you been writing stuff in your notepads or may be in notes on your phones? Is it inspirational? Reading them out to a few friends and getting compliments? Do you think writing is what you want to do?

If the answer to that says a YES, then why are you confined to those notepads? Bring out your talent, showcase it on a professional scale, BE OUR BLOGGER! I know you will be thinking How to write a blog and number of questions. We provide you with the opportunity to write a blog.

Edu4sure brings to you their “Be our Blogger” which encourages young minds with great writing talent to showcase their work to the public via Edu4Sure blogging portal. To make it an easier task for you, we have noted down a few simple steps to be a blogger with Edu4Sure.

“Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something that you love. If you have an exit strategy, it’s not an obsession.”

The steps to be followed.  

1. Sign Up with Edu4Sure: The first step to the procedure is simple profile maintenance on our website i.e., http://www.edu4sure.com/ . The basic information about you is required for the same. This will make the reader connect with you on a personal basis and he can also post comments on your blogs. 

2. Write Content: After sign up, you can choose to write your blog by selecting “write a blog” option in your profile. Make sure to make content interactive and crispy which will attract the reader toward your blogs. Try editing your blog yourself before submission to be sure of any facts and information provided and basic grammatical errors. This is how to write a blog with Edu4Sure.

3. Edit by Edu4sure: After you submit your blogs, our team will check them for errors and further edit them if any. Professional blogging and editing tips will also be shared with you to enhance your writing skills. The tips shared will be useful for you and will solve your query on how to be a problogger.

1. Posts: After editing and adding graphics and pictures to your blogs we will post them on our website. You can also choose to send us pictures of your choice to be added to your blog.

2. Workshops: Edu4Sure also conducts workshops for young writers to get inspirations and learn more about blogging. You can attend our blogging workshops to give your writing career a boost. How to be a problogger is what every blogger aspires to be. By attending this workshop you can surely learn some effective tips to be a problogger.

There is a huge difference between Professional Blogger v/s Hobby Blogger.

Although the quality of writing between hobby bloggers who do it for their wish and professional bloggers who do it for making a living may not vary much still there are a few points here and there which make a difference. Following are a few points where these two roads might not meet.

1. Genre Difference: When a hobby blogger writes, he doesn't particularly stick to a certain topic, he can sometimes write on career planning, education, life stories and also other genres. But, professional bloggers generally prefer writing on a certain topic that they believe to be their forte.

2. Writing Style: Where on one hand a hobby blogger writes in his own way, they have their own styles of writing. While a professional blogger makes use of his professional skills and their writing style is to suit the reader. A hobby blogger writes for himself.

3. SEO Skills: Most hobby bloggers don’t know how to optimize content in their blogs and how to trend their blogs online. Professionals know how to do it. Digital Marketing skills are also taught in our workshops. How to promote the blog is an essential component to becoming a ProBlogger.

Thus Edu4sure bridges the gap between a professional and a hobby blogger and gives you a platform where you can showcase your talent to our readers and get the recognition that you deserve.

2. Edusure, We call  it Digital Literacy

We are passionate to teach people "Digital media". We have learned a lot from our mistakes and we wish people learn such mistakes and avoid while working for themselves. Most of our small batch workshops consist of working professionals & entrepreneurs. They feel "Wow" after knowing the tricks and tips of us.

“Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something that you love. If you have an exit strategy, it’s not an obsession.”- Mark Cuban

What actually we do?

Blogs: Provide E-education, awareness and learning through text, video and audio blogging.

Workshops: Conduct workshops on various skills especially Digital Media, Entrepreneurship, MS Office, Personality Development, English Learning Especially Vocab and Abacus.

Career Planning Seminars: Carry out seminars on Career Planning  Admission Consulting.

Webinars: Webinars on various educational activities.

In the recent past, we have been receiving certain queries from our readers and followers about what exactly Edu4sure is, so we thought about coming up with this blog to let our reader be one of us!

Edu4Sure.com, Digital Literacy, is an educational blog started by young entrepreneurs under the guidance of experienced professionals from top institutes. It was started in 2013 by Test Formula Education as a blog. Later, we rebranded it in 2015 when a blog about bank PO exam gained the public appreciation and we coined Edu4Sure. Edu4Sure deals in blogs of different genre like Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Career Counselling, Corporate Social Responsibilities and more. 

Its parent company, Test Formula Education deals specifically in online tests preparation. 

Edu4Sure conducts Digital Media workshops for many B-Schools and other colleges. Edu4Sure team has been the consultant to some corporates. These workshops are conducted by experienced professors, charted accountants, Psychologists, Philosophers, Social Activists, Doctors, and also people from management backgrounds. Our trainers have taken workshops on Digital Marketing & MS Excel at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS). Currently, Edu4Sure provides educational information and awareness in form of texts but we are also working on video and audio blogging to reach out to our readers on a wider base.

Explore the Benefits of Digital Marketing and its Relevance !

Edu4Sure also provides previous examination papers, relevant current affairs and admission consultancy to students via articles, emails, and workshops. We have conducted around 500+ workshops across India, predominantly in North. We at Edu4Sure gives you an opportunity and a platform to start with your own blog.

To know anything specific/general, please write us to partner@edu4sure.com. You can also fill the relevant forms.

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