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These days everyone is using digital media which is mobile phones and laptops and life is quite incomplete without these things. Almost everyone every day and every hour check their phones, the social media or use the internet.The Internet is growing every day and users are increasing day by day and there is a boom in here. Every now and then somebody opens the Google and search something. Same is the thing with the other search engines depends on the user’s preference. Social Media yes! We just can’t live without it.

So when people are spending this much time here then the idea emerges for the marketers that why don’t we do the marketing of our products here on the internet.Well! From here comes the concept of the Digital Marketing. You must have noticed the phrase “Digital Marketing” a lot more lately.

“Dont say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face (or logo) on it.

 Digital marketing jobs are available in the marketing with online marketing jobs and are quite attractive. But one questions comes in our mind every now and then is what is digital marketing?

So what is this digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term used to define the integrated marketing services used to attract, make and convert customers online. Digital marketing uses multiple channels such as content marketing, internet marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, social media and online advertising these all help the customer to relate with the brands in the real time.

Basically, when we talk about Masters in Business Administration there is a lack of students who are equipped with the skills and knowledge of the Digital Marketing. The main reason behind this is the gap between the industrial skills and education. The MBA grads are good at the theoretical knowledge but they do not have the practical knowledge and skills to apply these theories they have learned.

The situation is getting worse every day as business schools are providing only theoretical knowledge, not at all focusing on practical and skills development. Students have negligible skills to develop strategies, lead generation and sales, and use the latest technology to increase productivity and marketing. Students who want to make their careers in digital marketing can enroll themselves in digital marketing classes for digital marketing training.

These days companies who are looking for the MBA marketing grads they aren’t interested in how they did their summer internships, their extracurricular activities, they want industry needed skills. They want people who can help them with business, lead generation, sales, and profit.In today’s era marketing is changed, it’s getting better as the internet using population in India is increasing day by the day, and it’s getting matured every day.

There is an explosion in commerce over the internet which is E-Commerce growth in India and their spending in Digital Marketing and their revenue is doubling. Even companies develop a digital marketing strategy for the product before launch.Digital marketing course is provided by various universities and companies to increase the knowledge.There is an advancement in Indian Economy, and this is making Digital Marketing a good career especially for MBAs and Marketing Students. A lot of digital marketing classes have come up in places where a student can enroll themselves for digital marketing courses.

I have pointed out 7 benefits for marketing students in India to learn digital marketing-

1. It’s Making the Buzz

It’s the future of the marketing. As the Forrester says that Digital Marketing is gaining so much ground that in near future ‘Digital Marketing’ to become just ‘Marketing’.There is not much time left that everyone will focus on digital marketing tools in the near future and already it's making a buzz everywhere. We are surrounded by the technology everywhere like smartphones, laptops, smart TVs everything is getting smarter every day. Our daily consumption is drastically increasing and recently Digital Media is more preferred than the TV these days. That’s why companies, organizations, communities, nonprofit organizations, governments are spending a lot to attract and engage their audience.So it is one of the major reasons to learn about digital marketing as it is the near future and has a vast amount of opportunities.

2. Demand Of The Industry

Digital Marketing is that profession which is listed in the top 5 professions in the year 2014. This means that this industry is increasing rapidly and everyone is realizing the importance of the Digital Marketing Course in India, they are hiring Marketers those who have skills and knowledge about the field to flourish their business. Digital marketing company is emerging a lot. We can look at any industry take Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Travelling and Tourism, Consultancy and many other industries are looking for trained professionals in Digital Marketing to hire for their business.If you want to check just go to any Job Vacancy Website like Naukri.Com, timesjob.com or Monster.com and look for ‘Digital Marketing Job’, and you will get surprised by the results for the demand.

3. Better Position and Pay

It is known already that Digital Marketing helps you in connecting with your customer and prospective customers, interact and communicate directly in the real-time. So learning Digital Marketing course will help you in making money for your enterprise, organization, and company. Today every company wants their marketers to generate leads and increasing their sales. So, by achieving certain skills related to Digital Marketing you will be placed on higher packages and positions. And even your job is not totally related to the  digital marketing still, digital marketing company is willing to invest in the knowledge and skills related to the digital marketing. Companies are providing digital marketing training for employees.

4. Digital Strategy Is A Part Of Marketing Strategy

When you will develop a strategy for the marketing for your company, organization and enterprise during your role as a Marketer you would have to include the digital marketing in it. Digital, online and internet marketing come as a part and parcel of the Marketing Strategy. Companies specially develop a digital marketing strategy for the product. Companies want to include their customers in the product development that’s why they are doing marketing online on the social media. No one wants to miss out the revenue and wants lag behind to their competitors. 

Explore the Benefits to Learn Digital Marketing !

5. Wide Variety of Job Prospects

Digital Marketing is not just Digital Marketing, there is a lot more digital marketing tools to it. There are various branches of it like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. Learning the basics of everything and then having one specialization will help you in getting better jobs and also increase your profile for future job prospects and will land you in a good job. Even digital marketing training is helpful for the old employees to increase their present knowledge. A lot of digital marketing jobs are making their way in the marketing with online marketing jobs.

6. Affordable and High Returnings

While doing any other specialization or learning something in a field or pursuing a degree all these are quite difficult in terms of money but learning digital marketing is quite affordable as compared to the other courses. Also, the internet is another source which is free of cost and immense knowledge is there in digital marketing. And the return on investment is very high you will get better chances and packages after learning digital marketing.

7. Start Your Own Business

It is also a major benefit of the career in Digital marketing is that you can earn independently by starting your own business and putting all your skills in it ,you can be successful.Once your setup is made then you will have business coming up and in just a few years you can be one of the best in the field.Digital marketing is a new area and chances, scopes and opportunities here are tremendous and in the upcoming time there will be a lot of digital marketing jobs and the time will come when everyone will focus on it the need of Digital Marketers will be quite high so enhance your skills and polish your talent and prepare yourself for this lucrative future.

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