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Companies Investing In Education Via CSR

by Aayushi Ahluwalia

Corporates Invest in Education. This is their CSR activity. Let us find some of the companies investing in Education

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Support To Indian Education

by Penumatsa Susmitha

Want to know "Change in educational system from ancient times to the present time". Also, various schemes undertaken by the Government of India to support the education in India. Some knowledge about helping hand provided by the world bank and State level support to indian Education is also discussed. Is there really support to our Indian Education system? Let's find out!

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CSR In Education ( Importance)

by Edu4sure Team

Corporate Social Responsibility is the need and companies invest in CSR Activities. Here we have companies investing in Education, its importance and other related understanding. Let's invest some time to understand importance of CSR in Education! Edu4Sure appreciates such investment which actually supports Indian Economy in long run.

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CSR In Education (MERCK India)

by Aayushi Ahluwalia

Corporate social responsibility can be defined as, “A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. There has been many companies like Merck India which invest in education as part of CSR. Read about commitment of companies towards CSR in Education!

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CSR In The Education Sector

by Mehak Chhabra

Read how corporations use the required resources, funds and expertise to facilitate the change that is required.

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