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‘Government And Corporate Sector’- Are Both Required To Nurture Education Sector of India?

by Ananya Saxena

Isn’t this a big question? Have you ever thought about the education sector of our country? If not then you must read the following to understand not only about the education sector but also about the different roles played by government and corporate sectors in this field. Once you read about these topics, I will also discuss ‘Why government and Corporate sector cannot alone help in the improvement of the educational status of India?’ Read on!

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Why Can't Learning Be Fun ?

by Gourav Singh

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn". The blog talks about the education system in India and why learning should be more fun and less headache for students. It focuses on the importance of learning with the fun concept and what should be done to make learning more fun, simple and straightforward. Let's have fun with 7 ways to make learning a fun process.

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