Career Plan Is Not Always Needed (Read About Sudha)

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It is not very surprising when students say that they are confused about what they want to be or what they want to become right after their class 10th examination. Not many students have a set plan or goal when they enter in their final 2 years of school. Career planning is something not every student do from the beginning. And how can they be expected to make such a decision when they are just merely 15 or 16 years old. Yes, they have reached the age of adolescence but to expect them to make a decision with which they will have to live throughout their life is a scary thought for anyone in their position. There is a strong need of career counselling at this age.

The state of confusion lasts a very long time.

"What if we do not make a a career plan and still win"- Deepak Goel

It is not easy to determine which stream will be best for you. To top it all, you are expected to have a full proof plan in your mind as to what you want to do with your life! But tell me, how can anybody make such a tough decision in such a short time. How to choose a career path is the toughest decision a student has to make. Even when a person chooses a stream, there are second thoughts going on in their mind! Yes, there are people who know exactly what they want to be but what the parents do not realize is that every child is different. One should embrace such differences and help your child make an informed decision.

One of the most common blunders anyone makes when choosing a stream is to succumb to peer pressure. Just because a friend or a relative is pursuing a stream does not mean that you are to choose the same stream. Their goal may be different from yours. And even if you don’t have a goal yet does not mean that you follow into someone else’s shoes.  

Career planning is quite a task! Even career counselling quiz is taken by the students still many people even after becoming graduates are still clueless as to what they wish to do in their lives. Career planning is important for students. Yes, one must have some goal or objective but it is not always the case. Students who do not have a motive do not lead a clueless life always. It is just that a few people take more time in deciding their career path than others. A few wrong turns might slow down your journey but that does not mean that you will never reach your destination.

My friend, Sudha also faced many ups and downs. She was a bright student right from her childhood. Although mathematics was her weak point. To get good marks, she joined tuitions and worked extra hard in her class 10th examination. Her efforts bore fruits when she got the first distinction in mathematics. Sudha was ecstatic with her performance and so were her parents. All her hard work had paid off.

But a very important decision was to be made soon. She was interested in science and fascinated by biology. And even though she was not fond of mathematics she opted it as her subject. This decision of hers was due to the impression that since she scored well in 10th she can manage to score well in her following school years as well. But that was not the case. Soon after she started her 11th standard she felt pressurized and burdened. Science stream itself is a very demanding field and to top it all she had taken mathematics and biology as well.

Being a close friend I tried to help her with her studies as I too had the same subjects as her, except for biology. I initially tried to persuade her to drop maths and focus on cracking the entrance for medical as she loved biology. But she did not pay any heed to my suggestions. The year passed and so did we. By mid 12th Sudha was completely exhausted. She was failing mathematics and decided to drop the subject. She scored well in her other subjects in the board examinations but was unable to get into a med school. She had lost interest in science stream and did not wish to stick to the stream. This is when she decided to do a degree in the English language. She completed her Honours degree in English last year from a prestigious college in Delhi University and is now doing a course to become a teacher.

What can I say? I am absolutely delighted that my friend has finally discovered her true calling. Maybe she had to face a lot of difficulties but she has emerged as a victor. She stumbled through her final school years but is now happy and content with what she is doing. And isn’t that all that we want to be? Happy and content with our life and the decisions we make in it.

Sudha is not famous. But Parineeti Chopra is! She is a big hot shot actress and one of my favorite faces on screen. But did you know? That she was an investment banker before she debuted as an actress in Bollywood. She holds a triple honors degree in business, finance, and economics from Manchester Business School. But after discovering her talents she switched her profession and chose to become an actress instead.

Do you love animated movies and miss watching your favorite old cartoon shows? Well, I do! So the first name that pops into my mind is Walt Disney. It might interest you to know that Walt Disney was a newspaper editor before he founded his company.

Isn’t that really cool? So it is pretty obvious that just having a career plan set does not mean that you will end up right there. Life has funny ways of making things work and in the end, everything works out just fine. It may sound a bit cliché but all’s well that ends well! So even if you do not have a career plan set right now it does not make you any less worthy of anything. It just means that you will take a little more time to figure out what you want from yourself and your life.  

Moreover, we are really lucky to live in this era where we are having several exceptional career opportunities available to us.So, make full use of this opportunity.

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