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This blog caters to the queries of all the youngsters out there who are set to make their career in the next few years. As soon as we enter high school, there is this topic of discussion everywhere and the topic is “ Career”. It seems to be the trending topic of our schooling years and an important one too for many and may not be for many as well. So, while everyone is discussing this word Career and you have been thinking about it all long day. So let me define it for you to have a clear understanding of this word: Career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. It is the profession you wish to undertake and pursue throughout your life. It is the changing point of your life.

Students who have passed their 10th and 12th will be able to relate the dilemma about career, the importance of career and how to choose the right one.

Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. - Albert Einstein

After your boards in the 10th standard, we are all asked to choose the streams we want to carry forward our studies in. Science, Commerce, Humanities( Arts). Do you know the logic behind this choice? The logic is to choose our streams based on the career we wish to build. It is the first step in choosing our careers. Whether we want to be a scientist, doctors, accountants, artist and many other. On the basis of your choices, one is going to shape their future careers and some may just follow the other path. After completion of schooling, Careers becomes more important. It is the only word that you can think of at the moment. You have successfully completed one step and you are all set to take up the next big step of your lives. In this next step, you make your careers. It is imperative to choose your steps so that you choose the right career for yourself. Have you tried any career counselling platform? No. Make sure you do as they will help you a lot in choosing the right career.

In deciding for your career, Consider the following:

♦ Consider your hobbies

♦ Consider what you enjoy or enjoyed doing in school

♦ Consider your dream career, you wished to pursue

♦ There is an old saying, trying to choose a career, you should think about what you would do if you didn’t have to work.

Times have changed, so does our approach to studies, the approach to choose a career has also changed with changing scenario and education system. In earlier times the ideal way to select your career was a three stage process (schooling, graduation, career). This is outdated. In the era of globalization, technology choosing your career can be just one click away. Today careers are made on the LinkedIn profile. A website where people post about their qualifications, work experience and everything related to profession and careers. This is an easy and fast way to explore various career opportunities, choose and decide about your careers. 

If you still can’t decide for yourself which career to opt. How to make a living. Let someone else decide for yourself. Take a test. Yes, you read it right, a test. There are many aptitude tests and other which test your ability, personality and let you know about your personality traits, your passion which might help you choose the career. Let’s assume, you took an aptitude test and the result showed you are artistic in nature whereas you have been a science student. This is the hidden talent you didn’t know about yourself. There is a possibility that you might be very good in careers that require some sort of art and talent rather being a successful engineer. These test sometimes really help you to decide for yourself and follow your passion. If you still not sure whether to go with the results or not, turn for a second opinion, advice, career guidance from career counselling platform to be fully sure of your decision.

Some points to consider while choosing the right career:

♦ Explore what you are good at, what you love. Is it dance or drawing or something else that just flows irrespective of the study you are in. Knowing about the opportunities in the field you wish to make a career in is also essential.

♦ Get to know the best environment for your personality

♦ The kind of lifestyle you want to live, Where you want to live

♦ Your personality, behavior, mindset etc.

It is all about the choices. The choices you make determine your future, your path. One wrong choice and you are nowhere, One right choice and you conquer the world. The same is with your Career.

A career can either break you or make you.

So make a right choice. Evaluate yourself. Know your weakness and strengths. Follow your passion and choose a right for yourself.

Never go by what other say. It is your career, so it is your choice. People will tell you a lot of career options, budding career opportunities, their experiences, Your own parents, and siblings will guide you to either take up engineering, accounts and whatever not. They will share their experiences and struggle. But remember, to follow your heart. Make a career in something that you really want to make. It is you who is going to work for your rest of the life and not your parents and siblings. It is you whose life will change by that career and no one else. So the point is it is you who have to make the right career choice and no one else.

The step on how to choose the right career is by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you wish to study is it science where you study the set rules and definitions or it is some photography course that demands passion. It is your Career, Choose the right one! yes



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