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The hot summers of June-July is the time for admission to colleges. You must have start thinking about colleges or must have already made a list of colleges that you look forward to get in for reasons. If not start putting together the list. Consider some valuable points before you decide on the college. The school you currently passed out from may not be your choice but the college should be of your choice. Assess what’s important to you when you hear the word college. Make a list of everything location, size, canteen, transportation, faculty, student board. In this process of considering options you will find your feet in the best college.

Identify your interest area, engineering, artist, doctor. Once you are done with this, now make a list of prospect colleges offering course related to your interest and now move on to gather information about it.

If you want to want to score a goal, You have to hit the target

♦ College websites, brochures, catalogs. You can easily find readily information about any college through their websites, brochure, and catalogs. You can also see the images of the college and see how it looks. They give you a good picture of academic offerings and admission requirements.

♦ Students on Board: Talk to the current students studying there. Pay a visit to the college and ask the students about the college. They will you give you the real picture. A student Can understand another student.

♦ College Profiles: Dig the college profiles to get information about tuition and financial aid, campus life, student body and more

♦ College Rankings: College rankings say it all. Ranking list provides you with starting points and introduce you to new colleges. Do not follow them blindly.

♦ Reviews: You can read the reviews of children and other people who have been a part of college. Unfiltered reviews are the best.

♦ College Counselor: Consult your college counselor and make the part of your college search.  They will help you to find the best college.

The first step is cleared in the process of finding information about your college. Complete your information process and move on to next step. This is the time for you to compare colleges and make a decision.


♦ Wish List: Look back at the wish list made by you in the starting. It must have grown bigger as you become aware of the choices. Circle few of them based on your selection criteria

♦ Structure list in a form of chart: Arrange your list in a form of chart based on the information collected. Visually this becomes easy to understand and work. Check on the colleges that measure up

♦ Your desires:  It’s all about you. Compare each one of them on certain parameters like facilities, faculty, interest . How much weight you give to each point. Chuck out the undeserving and keep the deserving colleges

♦ Stack up: Now from the list of 2-3 colleges look at each college admission criteria. Whether you even fit it or not. The percentage required, or other scores.

This is how you compare colleges before taking admission to it. There is no set formula for the perfect number of colleges you should apply to. Students who thoughtfully curate a list of colleges have a less hustle free application process. Many students apply


to all the colleges. It is not required.  Firstly try to apply to colleges that offer a course of your interest, your dream colleges and maybe one or two as a backup option. Always fill the application form of colleges that fit your budget and the one where your academic scores fit in.

A college is a dream place for many. You realize your dream and make it living during your college days. So always select a college that you desire to be like an engineer wants to be in IIT. Secondly, a college where you fit in and lastly a college that is safe for you.  Many unforeseen events do take place in college like raging. So this is how you select the target school for yourself amidst thousands of other stuff to confuse you.  Do not take the decision in a hurry, do compare colleges and make a choice


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