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One of the substantial stages of a youngster’s life is the school life. After school, a student moves into the practical world where building a successful career becomes the prime motive to face the upcoming challenges of life. 12th standard is the last stage of a student’s school life. After 12th, one has to decide his path and career that can bring success and monetary gain for future stability. This step has to be taken after a lot of planning and implementation. One cannot just afford to be careless while choosing what to do after 12th. You must take into consideration various factors like interest and job opportunities while choosing a career. There are various options that you can choose from, provided, you score good marks in the twelfth grade.

Some might take up academics as a career option in the field of their interest while others might love to experiment with vocational courses after sorting through a wide range of career alternatives.

I am not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance - Celine Dion

To go for these courses, students give various competitive exams which are framed for the courses. These courses introduce you to various government institutions like IITs, HBTI, JMI, AMU, BHU and Deemed universities like Jamia Hamdard.

If you choose to have a career in the technical field, courses like engineering and architecture might suit you. It is most important for students who choose a science stream in class 11th and 12th and ensure that they are able to join the course of their choice after they complete their school. For entrance to engineering colleges, JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is the prime and most important exam held every year in the month of April. To make your career in architecture, NASA conducts competitive exams every year for the selection of students.

Some students face a dilemma regarding their career choice and end up choosing a stream or a course not fit for them. It is important to consult a career counselor before deciding on the course. If you wish to study in humanities and are planning to study further, take up a bachelor’s degree in any of the arts subjects.

If you belong to the commerce stream, there are many options for a career after the twelfth grade.  You can take up courses like company secretary, chartered accountancy, computer studies or even business management. The entrance examination is conducted for most of the courses. IPU and other various universities regulate admission through entrance examination. IPU has its own entrance examination for various undergraduate level courses like BJMC, BBA, LAW and much more.

If students have studied biology in the senior secondary classes, they have a choice to make a career in the field of medical or dental, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, microbiology, agricultural or dairy science. For entrance to these courses, examination like AIPMT, NEET and other exams from State and different universities are held. 

There are career options in fields like Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Photography, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, Psychology, Public Relation, Careers in Spa Therapy and Wellness, Space Science, Nursing, Engineering, Teaching, Video Jockey, Food Technology, Hospitality and Hotel Management, Careers in Fashion, Archaeologist, Social Work, Industrial Mathematics and Media Management.

Choosing the right competitive is a Must. Which competitive exam to give rests upon the decision which course you wish to study.  Before applying for the competitive exam, finalize your decision about the course to study. Make a comprehensive decision after considering all the factors, like interest, job prospects, the utility of doing the course. Once the course is decided, choose the corresponding competitive exam for the course. Acquire all the information about the exam. The process of filing for the examination,  Fee to be paid for the filing of the exam,  Last date to submit the form. Many of us are not able to give the exam because the date to submit the form has passed. Make a note of the date and try to fill the form before the due date if you are interested in the course.  Now prepare for the exam as your admission rests on the results. If you clear the exam then only you are eligible to take admission and study the course.

Selecting the right course and competitive exam takes you a step closer to your dream career. smiley

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