Corporate Social Responsibilty

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By the term Corporate Social Responsibility, we mean those activities of organizations which are beneficial to the environmental and social well-being. CSR refers to the ethical principle that an organization should be responsible for how its behavior and conduct might affect the society and environment. In other words, It is also known as corporate conscience, corporate citizenship. A business having a turnover of more than 5 cr. Rs have to undertake corporate social responsibility activities (CSR). CSR refers to the activities done by the business organizations that benefit the society at large and protect the environment. These activities are imperative for the business to undertake so that the society approves of its business operations. It is beyond marketing and constitutes a concern for the community and the environment.

If an organization strictly adopts Corporate Social Responsibility, it can benefit to the business as well as to the community as a whole.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. - Henry Ford

True CSR looks at the legal rights which include the human rights as well; it builds policies and practices that adorn them. The policies are made keeping in mind the concept of CSR will by default achieve significant outcomes. The policies and practices of an organization should be such that does not violate human rights and does not harm the environment in any manner. In this way, an organization can achieve its target or the objective in the most convenient way and will keep its stake holders and the community happy. The basic lesson for an organization should be that the CSR needs to be focused. The CSR tools should be innovative which must be having actual respect for human rights in the activities of a business.

CSR strategies encourage the business to make a positive impact on the community, stakeholders, employees etc.

A proper balance should be maintained by promoting its commitment to social responsibility while making sure that the community and the environmentis benefitted. It should in no way harm the local community, their rights or the eco-system. Then only true CSR will be achieved and the sustainability of the business will be guaranteed. Here are some of the examples of CSR activities undertaken by the business: Procter & Gamble (P&G) runs a Shiksha project, aimed at educating the children as part of their CSR activity. The Himalaya carried out the Muskaan Project. Many companies are associated with many noble causes to extend the benefit to the society like the Apple Inc, a partner of the Product Red campaign whose sole mission is to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child by the end of 2015. After Hurricane Sandy in November 2012, the American Red Cross got a donation of $2.5 million from Apple to help the victims.

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