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Career mainly refers to the ups and downs of the occupation or a job. It is the journey of the individual which includes learning process followed with work actions, progress and the professional experiences in life. Guidance needed for getting the right path towards a career is career counselling.Career counselling platforms can help us a lot. They give enough information about the career choices and opportunities.  It makes us understand the corporate world and the field in which we are planning to make our career, this process ease the way for handling the job. It is much wider concept than only know about the right place for the right job. This starts from self and then some expertise provided by a mentor to know the other aspects which we can’t visualize our own.

A career counselor is an individual who assists others in building their career.

Whatever you decide to do,make sure it makes you happy

But equal contribution is required by the mentor and one who needs counselling. It is not a one-way process;  It is not like an individual meet a counselor, he gives any kind of advice and the job is done but both the ends have to be equally contributed to the desired result. This is not just receiving from the counselor but also participating with him/her for accurate suggestions and output. The absence of involvement of both the person's wills results in disappointment and negativity in the mind. sad

Fake information and another kind of malpractices should be avoided. Honesty is the key factor for every form of counselling. Generally being honest and expressive is not possible all the times because of different issues related to job, family and friends, the emotional quotient attached to them. That’s why these peoples are not able to counsel. A mentor is the one who is not related to family or any other personal bonding only work profile so we can share our true feelings with him. Being genuine to the counselor is important for our career as well our mental state. Also, we should not consider mentor as one who will surely enhance our career graph instead we have to expect the things which are real. He can only advise us, show the way and ray to success in our job and life. But to turn the advice into actions, this is our part of work to follow the guidelines of the mentor and taste the results which are positive in most of the cases. More than the counselor, it depends on you how well you turn the counselor’s advice into your success story. It is a test of your intelligence and hard work too.   

Career counselling is the process which starts with self-analysis which shows that an individual needs counselling. It’s easy to counsel others but if it comes to self we need others advice because it’s a human tendency to believe on others judgment rather listening to self. So to be your own counselor you need to develop self-confidence. This will perfect our inbuilt advisor which we can use for our own. smiley

The main problem of being the own mentor is the evaluations of advice we are juggling inside us. So noting down the problem and the related advice is the best way to overcome this situation. Also, we can make or pretend a virtual listener to whom we can share our problem and ideas in detail manner; it gives a kind of self-satisfaction and leave us with no confusion. As much we talk or discuss our problem it becomes clearer and leads to the results in an appropriate solution to it. As it’s a saying that


A correct understood problem is a half -solved problem


It is common and very obvious to face barriers in this process, so while facing this kind of problem, queries helps a lot; go through different kind of questions for yourself which could be asked by someone else. These self-queries will sort out the different problems and hindrances of our way to self-counselling. Try to set levels of the questions according to the desired result and conclusions. This will lead to the good quality of output. For getting answers to these questions, imagining a person in the same situation can prove to be very helpful. This will ease our search to find the answers to the queries as we are giving a piece of advice to others without being biased while when it comes to our own we will start getting into the comfort zone and also modify our thought process accordingly. So when we think or pretend to answer to someone else will give an exact solution, which is needed.

As said earlier, we always have to be confident and optimistic towards our life and our decisions which keep motivating us for further tasks also. We can mentor ourselves only when we believe in our quality of being this, if we believe that we possess this counselling quality then only we can nail it. So believing in self and being positive is the key steps towards becoming the own counselor. yes


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