Difficulties and Stress faced by College Students

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Every student will agree with the above statement. College is the best thing that ever happened to a student. Well, everything might not be happy and gay as it seems. Undoubtedly, college life is a bag full of surprises. You discover a new life. Many students join the college with a lot of expectations and aspirations. The long To-DO-List in college. Many make it while many break it. sad

College life may not be good for everyone. Everyone is different from one another and so does their aspirations and goals. If those are not met they might be furious over it. Every Coin has two sides and similarly, everything has a dual perspective good and bad.

Problems are not stopping signs, they are guidelines - Robert H. Schuller

The college life also has two sides the good and the bad. Everyone talks about the good, happy, cheerful life laugh but no one talks about the bad gloomy side of the college. Yes, I know no one likes to talk about bad stuff but it is important.

It is important that a student is well prepared for the bad as well. The good times do not last forever. Bad times do come and you need to prepare for it well in advance so that you can face them. Students hear all good stories about college life and create a fantasy world but when that bubble burst and they are back into reality, the world seems upside down.

Before your world goes upside down. Let me give you a dose of harsh truth about the college life. The bad side that you might come across during your stay at the college life. Don’t be afraid, it is just to tell you such things happen and you need to plan accordingly. College students face difficulties and stress throughout the college life. Psychological stress among college student is gaining a lot of attention these days. Students stress over every tiny thing. Taking stress is a never-ending process. It is the web once caught can never get out.

 College is the best place to enjoy life… Nothing can beat that.

Stress starts developing way before college starts. Students stress over whether they will get a college or their desired college. The soaring cut-offs leave them in sweats. The waiting process creates anxiety in students. Finally when they make it to the college. The college life stress starts.  Between all the happiness and fun, students do face stress. Stress regarding the competition, to do better than the rest, secure a good percentile. Stress over future. The biggest stress among youth is related to their afterlife. What next after college. These three years will be over but what after these three years. Many do not know what to do in their afterlives.

Students do not just have the academic stress but also the personal stress. Personal relationships, friends can also give you stress at times though they are meant to take away the stress. Changing lifestyle, conflicts, unstable relationship are a major stress. To reduce this stress they turn to alcoholic and then it brings along another set of problems. Half of the youth is into alcoholics. 80 % of youth faces frequent or daily stress according to the sources.

The college students are not just a victim of stress but they too face problems and difficulties and try hard at surviving.  The college difficulties start from the expenses. The cost of college life is way too expensive. Leave the tuition fee that you have to give. The cost of the day can be quite expensive, juggling the transport, hang out with friends and other stuff. Students find it difficult to maintain their attendance in college. The biggest issue of a student’s life. The 75 % attendance. We all have this notion that college means fewer classes, more bunks. But Hey, you are wrong. You need to have minimum attendance. Less attendance makes you stand outside Dean’s office and begging for the next chance. Many students are not allowed to appear for exams, back etc. An incident where a student end his life because he was low in attendance.

Students away from their home and family start feeling homesickness. College life in starting can be exciting when you are exploring. But once you are done. It seems boring and the same routine makes your life dull. You start feeling isolated. The friends are for life. But instances shows that changing the friendship, fights with friends in college is normal. Some might not have experienced it. Good for them. But many do experience it and they feel lonely, depressed. Your social circle can be stressful at times. Peer pressure, the pressure to stand out etc.

This daily stress and hurdles lead to depression and this depression take away students life. At least one case of suicide by the student is reported daily. It is a warning that shows the traumatic life a student may be going through with a smile on the face. Learn the problem behind that smile before they end their life.

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