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It is a fast growing world out there and people today are working so hard to achieve their ambitions that often they have to juggle between several things to make it a better living. One of the most common examples is the Distance learning Programs, which are taken up by many students these days so that they can complete their higher education as well as work at the same time.

What is Distance Education?

Distance education or Distance Learning courses are offered to the students who might not always be physically present in the college or University to take the lectures. Words like open learning, e-learning, distributed learning, etc. are used synonymously to describe distance learning.

It becomes very important to know the backdrop of something before you learn about it.

“Distance learning can be a lifeline to those who have obstacles, such as geographical distances or physical disabilities.” – Paul Levinson

Following are certain facts about distance learning which will throw a light on how and when it emerged: 

The widespread use of computers and the internet has made Distance Learning easier and faster. Distance Learning Schools and universities provide the entire curriculum over the net. The capacity of Internet to support voice, video, text and immersion teaching methods made earlier distinct forms of telephone, video conferencing, radio, television, and text-based education somewhat redundant. However, the Internet itself uses the techniques developed and lessons learned from the earlier media.

Many courses in the fields of Agriculture, businesses, communications, engineering, environmental science, distance learning program for MBA and much more are available online for the students who cannot afford to visit regular classes. Also, with the help of the internet, they also have the wider choice to learn more about things in a convenient manner.

 I have listed down some of the advantages distance learning programs have to offer for various students:

1.Expands learning: As mentioned earlier distance education expands the choice of learning for the students and at the same time also for various businesses. A student who not only wants to pursue his higher education but also has responsibilities which might make him unavailable for regular classes can easily opt for E-learning as a method of higher studies. Distance learning’s flexible scheduling structure reduces the effects of many time constraints imposed by personal responsibilities and commitments.


2.Access to more experts: Distance learning gives an opportunity for more and more students to complete their higher education. There is a potential for increased access to experts in a particular field and students from diverse geographical, social, cultural and economic backgrounds.


3.Life-long Learning: “Education has no age bar” and it is well justified with the very concept of distance education. People today can easily involve in life-long learning beyond the normal schooling age. In a country like India where a huge number of people were not fortunate enough to attend high school can get back to learning with distance education. It is also very beneficial for the Indian farmers; they can pursue agricultural courses with the help of video graphic presentations of correct farming methods.


4. Increased Communication: Distance education can also provide a broader method of communication within the domain of education. With the many tools and programs that technological advancements have to offer, communication increases in distance education amongst students and their professors. The distance educational increase in communication, particularly amongst students and their classmates is an improvement provided to the students with as many of the opportunities as possible. Online communication allows students to associate with recognized schools and programs throughout the world that are out of reach for in-person learning. By having an opportunity to be involved with global institutions via distance education, students can easily communicate with other students and this benefits them because they have the opportunity to "combine new opinions with their own, and develop a solid institution for learning."


5.Lower cost: High costs of education affect many students in their higher education, to which distance learning can provide a relief. Many students happen to leave their studies in between because of the high costs of education. Distance education is a more cost effective form of education and can save students a significant amount of money as opposed to traditional forms of education.


6.Higher Satisfaction: Students can easily visit and revisit their study material over the net whenever it suits them. It becomes easier for them to manipulate the study material according to their wish. For example, focusing more on their weaker topics while just strolling through the concepts that they are confident about. It thus provides a good learning experience and allows students to have a higher level of satisfaction with their online learning. They can make up their own schedule instead of juggling between two things at a very same time.


7.Meeting a student’s inability: Distance learning facilitates education for all. Students with health care problems or any disability due to which they cannot attend regular classes can enroll themselves in distance education and it won’t leave any “distance” between them and education. Also, the students who aren’t permitted to attend schools due to behavioral disorders can rely on distance learning.

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Thus, be it a kind of inability to achieve our dreams as students, we can certainly get ahead of them and make it a great deal for us. Some of the major universities that offer distance learning programs are:


You can get further  information about the programs offered by these universities on their websites as mentioned above.

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